Thursday, May 31, 2007

~Future Career~

I have been giving myself a lot of time to think about my future career.
As in where I would be heading to after I finish my secondary school.
Especially after having the 'career' talk with my parents.

My passion has always been to help people.
Make this world a better place to be.
And I don't see any better way of doing so but through the field of medicine.
Since I was 5, I have always wanted to be a doctor.
Surely, then I don't know what type of doctor I want to be.
But numerous encounters with people that
confide to me about their problem,
and me becoming their 'counsellor',
I found my true passion is psychology.
To treat people mentally.
A healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

Mom was not really supportive about me being a psychiatrist.
Neither was Dad.
Dad was not totally against it, neither was he being supportive.
He was on the fence.
The safest position especially when mom and me got into any argument.

So, I gave myself a whole muthafucking lots of time to think about it.
I am convinced.
I want to do this.
For once, I am not going to listen to Mom and have her decide my career.
I am not going to be a teacher or a pediatrician or a scientist.
I am going to be a psychiatrist.
And to prove my determination, I did my research on the Net today.

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry and is certified in treating mental illness.
Here's the best and worst part of becoming one.

  1. In the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and other parts of the world, one must pursue a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, or a "first MB. This would take up to 6 or 7 years.
  2. The individual will act as a "foundation programme trainee" for two additional years.The foundation programme allows students to experience the different specialties of medicine, as well as learn important attributes and qualities of becoming a doctor.
  3. Then one can apply for training to specialize in psychiatry. Following acceptance, this specialized training will last for about 6 years.

Fun right?
Try calculating how long it is for me to get there?
15 f**cking years.
It's like starting primary school all over again and graduating secondary school.
And imagine the amount of money needed to get there?
(and the fact that I'll get married WAY WAY later)
I felt so bad, I mean, Dad need to sacrifice a lot just for me to get there.
And I have another 4 siblings that he has to pay for education and stuff.
Surely, Malaysia does offers universities like UKM and UM that offers courses in Medicine.
But nobody said it's free.
And Dad goes all "Don't worry, I'll find the money for you to study. You just focus on your study."
Which makes me feel even guilty-er.

The problem is, I cannot see myself doing anything else but being a psychiatrist.

  • I hate kids. Ok, I don't tolerate kids for long hours. Maximum is an hour or two. I get bored and annoyed easily. So, jobs like teacher and pediatrician are out of the list.
  • I hate maths and I suck at math. So any jobs with numbers are so out of the list like Business, Finance and Accountancy. (That would only happen if I'm desperate)
  • I suck at drawing. Anything that requires me to draw would be out of the list like fashion, design, architecture. (Eventhough my fashion knowledge is not that bad)
  • I'm incapable or impatient for any 'womanly' jobs. So I cannot do culinary arts, become a chef or any fancy women jobs that need 'woman touch'.
  • I am slightly tone deaf and not much talented in Music. So I cannot pursue my career in Music.

So, tell me ladies and gentlemen,
What can I do if I cannot become a psychiatrist?
I am in such a big dilemma right now.
Furthermore, psychologists take about the same amount of years of studying.
Up to 6 or 7 years.
And psychologist is so not fun.
Psychiatrists got higher pay.
(that's the bright side of long years of studying)

Aiyoyo, makes me so depressed la thinking about this.
Anyway, fyi, psychologist and psychiatrist are not the same.
Because this article says so.

Psychology vs. Psychiatry: Which Is Better?

P.S : Told you I did my research.

Till then,
SPM comes first.
Still waiting patiently for my mid-year result.
Hope it doesn't suck coz I did study.

Worried Khadi.

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