Wednesday, August 15, 2007

~ You need Weird Things to Make Sure You're Still Alive~

Attn : This is a really draggy and boring post. I mean it, skip it if you don't want to read it. Don't complain to me when I already warned you.

Date : 14th August 2007
Day : Tuesday
Venue : Living room
Activity : Staring at the computer screen intensely while blogging, pretending that yours truly
does not need to revise her study and she got no homework.

Blogger's Note :

Today is a really geddamn weird day. Everyone was so...uh..not themselves today.
And regardless of that fact, I still feel quite hyper today.
I think it's the honey and cod liver oil that gives me the extra UMMPH! today.
It's crazy man. Now is like midnight, and I can still jump around or do a round or two of jogging RIGHT NOW. I know, crazy hyper right?

So anyway, I have been talking a lot about 'informative' and 'beneficial' stuffs the past few posts.
And despite the fact that tonight is a school night, I cannot stand it but to blog about today.
Why? Simply because I hold on to memories strongly. I keep anything and everything, as a symbol of "been there, done that". So, maybe in 2 or 3 years time, or maybe even in 20 or 30 years time, I can just scroll down and re-live my teenager's phase. Awesome? No?

Moving on, I just wanted to list the incidents that happened today. Because today is like no other ordinary day. Because it's extraordinary. I am not sure if it's a good extraordinary or bad extraordinary since I think that I am quite thick-skinned today.

Some of the 'interesting' things that happened today (names shall not be exposed due to confidentiality issues) :
  • A friend who is well-known for being the serious one in our clique just skipped school today because she 'doesn't feel like coming' and she 'wants to watch Harry Potter 5'.
  • A friend who is well-known for being the 'tough' one and doesn't cry just broke down today. As in cry sort of broke down.
  • I just witnessed a friend got into a fight with her mom.
  • I just got into a fight with a friend who I assumed as the last person I will get into fight with.
  • I got slightly annoyed with a friend who keeps on tagging everywhere we go.
  • My name was written (first time ever) in the 'Laporan Kesalahan Murid di Pusat Sumber SMKTAR' or something that goes between the line.
  • I purposely ignored a friend who needs counselling because I don't feel like counselling people and I think that that person is making a fuss out of a small thing.
  • I realised a friend did changed only after a long, long time and even when few people already mentioned it.
  • I danced for the first time in my life (and not feeling shy about it) WOOT!
  • I did a major hooking up a friend with this guy she's interested in, and it failed. MISERABLY.
  • I got tired of listening to a friend who's obsessing about a guy whom she was too scared to come up to and say hi.
I know it's random. And surprisingly, as a true blue Piscean, I am supposed to feel somewhat depressed or emo right now, because I absorbed people's chi (yes, I like to use the word 'chi'. You got a problem with that?). But no, instead I am feeling very happy and hyper and 'gila' at the same time.

I guess it's because I know that Daddy's coming back this Friday after 2 weeks outstation. And listening to his voice today was indeed calming and relieving. I know that I am not that close to Dad, but still, I love to look at him everyday, and not seeing him for 2 weeks IS a big deal. He's my daddy. Now that I say that, I wonder, if he ever wants to take another wife, am I willing to share my Daddy with someone else?LOL!

Not only that, I am also happy because holiday is coming. DURH! 1 week holiday. How can you not feel happpy? It's holiday. I've been planning my holiday since last week. Although it's nothing interesting, but I LOVE HOLIDAY! Lagi la make me upbeat to finish my day and get on with tomorrow faster.

Apart from that, I am also happy because both occasions above joined together would mean family time. Which I lacked of this few months. This would mean going out shopping or somewhere! Anywhere, seriously! How can shopping and going out won't be fun?
Have I sound vain enough? No?

Anyway, just a simple note/further explanation/opinion on the incidents that happened above :
  • Personal note : All I wanted to say is, skipping school is bad. Skipping school to go watch a movie is even bad-der. But I know this, you deserve it. You looked tense these few weeks. Maybe a day off would do us all good.
  • Personal note : It's ok to cry it all out once in a while. I know you're a very strong person and there's nothing wrong with crying. I am actually quite fascinated by how independent and strong you are. If it was me in your shoes, I would have broke down real bad. LONG LONG TIME AGO. I will always be here for a word of wisdom, an ear to listen or just a shoulder to cry on.
  • Opinion : I was quite shocked to witness the fight. Simply because mommy and me don't fight that way. Ours are always 'Perang Dingin'. Both will keep quiet until one cannot tahan and talk back to the other. But, most of the time, the fight does not work because I am a very stubborn person. 'Masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri'. Personal note : Try to work things out with your mom. After all, she's the only mom you got. (I learnt this the hard way) Sure, sometimes moms do get on our nerves, but it's for a good reason. Trust me, I did more crimes in the house and pay a 'handsome' price for the consequences. Sometimes keeping quiet does not mean losing, it just means either 'I don't care' or 'I don't want to fight with you'.
  • Opinion : Sometimes it's easier to get angry with someone you love because of something else. Someone you're close with. Because both of you just bonded and became like one. Thus, when things go slightly topsy turvy, you tend to scream to that person close to you. One advice, try not to break that person heart just because you're having a bad day ( eventhough I have no right to say this since I do this quite often. By accident). So I am going to assume that I must be dear to your heart for you to explode like that. Personal note : If ever you're reading this blog, I meant no harm when I sent you the message. I am sorry if it offended you, but yours did offended and ticked me off a bit. I hate us arguing and I hate us not talking to each other. I hate arguments even with anyone. I know that message does sounds a bit sarcastic, so I am sorry!
  • Opinion : Being in the limelight is great, but having people listening to your every conversation and hanging out with people you hang out with ain't that fun and cool to do. Sure, once in a while I could tolerate it. One should know when to listen and when not to. I love having people around and tagging, but like they say too much of everything is bad. (yes, that would include chocolate and ice cream too)
  • Further explanation : We made noise in the Bilik Rujukan, eventhough I doubt it's THAT noisy at the first place. How noisy can it be right? But I admit, I am at fault for talking in a library, so I gave my name when the librarian asked. And I don't take it to heart if the teacher was thinking so, because I am a woman and it's my fault so why take it to heart?
  • Opinion : Obsessing is bad. Obsessing about something is worse. Obsessing about someone is worse than worse. Not that I don't encourage love or whatever, but keep bringing up the same issue over and over again and asking me to give the same advice over and over again is not fun, especially when you're too chicken to do it. Go puck up your courage, take my advice and do it. There's nothing wrong with taking a risk. Face it, risk it would mean either you win or lose. If lose, then move on.
  • Opinion : I don't feel like talking about this particular incident. So, no comment.
  • Further explanation : I stayed back till 6 today and crashed my sister's dance practice for KSSI. It was fun, and Suz was the choreographer. So, I learnt a few steps and it looked fun!
  • Opinion : Was really taken back. I never fail at hooking people's up. But this time I did. Wow, my 'cupid' skill is rusty already. Hun, we'll be back. And this time, even better!
  • Opinion : No comment also about this one.
All the contents should not be taken to heart.
It's midnight and I am just typing it straight from the oven.
So, no screening, cencoring or whatever.
It's just my midnight mind speaking.
But do tell me if I offended you. I want to know.
Via chatbox, hate blogs, emails, SMS, anything.
And sorry if what I said offended anyone in any way.
Just a lady speaking her mind out.

Signing Out,
Double the woot-ness!

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