Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who Says I'm On Hiatus?

It's the 3rd day of SPM.
But, good news is tomorrow I've got no paper.
So, never mind la. Was surfing the Net just now.
Something I got from Kimberly's blog.


You could try it. I tried it.
Bloody accurate.

Result :

Name: Khadijah
Date: 11/14/2007
Colorgenics Number: 34576102

Utmost in your mind is success. You are constantly seeking stimulation and a life full of experience. You are trying to 'grow' and above all you need to develop freely and to shake off the shackles of self-doubt. You are an enthusiastic individual, full of life with the desire to live intensely. You like contact with others and are enthusiastic by nature. You are receptive to anything new, modern or intriguing. Your interests are many and you are likely to expand your fields of activities. You are optimistic about the future and you deserve every success because deep down you are a 'winner'.

You dislike playing the field in every sense of the word. When you develop a relationship it needs to be a close fulfilling one, one that has deep meaning for all parties concerned.

It's the time of year that you are apt to become extremely restless and emotionally withdrawn. This is preventing you from becoming deeply involved with a person or persons within your sphere of influence. If you are willing to 'let go' and release your inhibitions you will find that a great deal of physical satisfaction will result, far more than perhaps you even believed you were capable of.

Your willpower and stamina are in danger of being overwhelmed by excessive stress. Your resilience and tenacity have become weakened. You are feeling overtaxed, worn out and getting nowhere: but you continue to stand your ground. You feel that this unfavourable situation is an encumbrance which you could well do without and you find yourself unable to make the necessary decisions at this particular moment in time to change anything.

The tensions that you are trying to cope with are a result of conditions which are really beyond your control. As a consequence of this almost impossible situation and not being able to get your own way, you are subjected to frustration and almost ungovernable anger. You are trying to remedy the situation but the stress that you are experiencing is making the situation even worse. You feel so inadequate that you are not quite sure which way to turn. A good suggestion would to be to try to relieve the stress and anxiety by participating in some very active physical activity which will relieve your tension.

Cliche'd or not?
You tell me.
I'm now stressed over 'something I cannot avoid'.

Which is so bloody true.
I am stressed about SPM.
And I cannot avoid it!
A-ha! Told ya' the quiz was accurate.
Oh well! Will be updating like crazy...
When I finish my SPM.
Many..many...many days to go.

Signing Out,
My First Two Days Of SPM were Painful.

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