Monday, September 01, 2008

Rock On Weekend

In about few hours from now, I'd be returning back to Nilai.
It has been indeed a really great weekend, spending time with friends.
Not so much with family, which is pretty upsetting but I shall make it up to them.

Returning back from Nilai, I was accompanied by Haziqah from Bangi,
And later joined by her boyfriend in Serdang, who left at Shah Alam station leaving just the two of us up till Teluk Gadong.

Sleeping in and waking up at 3 pm on Saturday,
I was indeed a happy woman.
Cant recall the last time I slept in.
Like really wallop sleep in.

The day was 'started' with a meet-up with Aisha,
An hour later than the promised time.
Due to unavoidable causes.

We were joined by Iona later,
Who was just done with her meet up with Jamie, PeiYin, Darren and Bel.
We walked for another few hours (I was in my killer pumps. which was a bad mistake!)
Before finally deciding to crash mamak for dinner.

The thing I miss about Klang is the mamak,
Since Nilai has non-existant mamak around.

We settled for the usual choice of practically all the post, present, and future STARians.

Walking in,
We saw Cherylyn, Brendan, Vignes, Jacklyn and Lay Kuan on the same table.
After serious screaming and hugging moment,
A meet up that was supposed to be up close and personal turned into a huge one.

Basically catching up on stuffs,
Gosh, I do miss Klang a whole lot.

While we were busy catching up on stuffs,
Another old mate of ours came.

So I was shouting her name half way across the block,
And got practically everyone staring at my table,
But it's ok.
It felt like school all over again.

Then on Sunday,
I woke up at 2 pm after being deeply annoyed by the text messages that flowed in.
I ignored half of them till like few hours later (sorry text sender!)
And then I was out (AGAIN).
But this time with Farah and Malik.

Been about close to 3 months since we last see each other.
So we basically walked around, sit and have a drink or two.
And just catch up on each other's life.

Got to leave early because it's fasting day the next day.

And today, just woke up, sent the papers I am supposed to print for Malik to his house,
Went to Starfly to get some Harlequin's books for my classmate back in Nilai,
And am here the past two hours typing this post away.

I've been wanting to change the blog skin.
And I've found some really good ones last night.
But doubt I'd have the time to actually do that now,
Since I have not pack, have not do my homework and I have not even buy groceries yet.

Therefore, there might be a conclusion that the new blog skin won't be up till Raya.
Since I wont be coming back the next 3 weeks.
I have activities over at the campus.
Yes! I am sad too. I'm gonna miss home BAD.

But oh well, till Raya comes,
Please do do do take care of yourself.
And I shall find time somehow to meet you guys.
And anything, you know how to reach me right?
Font size
Before I end this post,
I would like to take this chance to wish :

(i know. I am a day late)
and lastly,
(yeap. my LV dude)
Oh well! Got to run and get ready. We're celebrating his birthday this evening.
Lots and Lots and lots of hugs,

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