Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its Going To Be A New Episode

Its 3 am in the morning.
In a few hours I am going to start moving to the new house.

Fresh start, a good one I hope.
Nevertheless, I am going to miss the old house.

And my cats.
Whoops. I haven't break the news yet to them.
I have a feeling they know, because Bubu was being emo today.

Fyi, I might be laying off the Net for a few weeks because the telephone line wont be up in the new house till a few weeks from now.

Hope to be back,
Up and about,
With a whole lot stories + pictures to tell.

To dear friends : Khadi/Kdee is reachable via handphone. Doubt house phone would work.

Signing Off,
Tolong bagi tahu jika anda mahu melawat. Sekian, terima kasih.

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