Sunday, July 26, 2009

my week

so apparently i think my laptop has crashed. like dead crashed crashed.
i shall be blaming my brother's hard drive for his stupid virus-infested hard drive.
babi btol. everything went crashing down, and BOOM. now everything stopped working.
so im dumping this laptop at home, or rather leave it to nurse, to my dad's friend who does this funky computer stuffs.
so that means that off the laptop for the next one or two weeks or so.
i'll try to conquer someone else's laptop i.e habib's or something.
but again, IM ALWAYS REACHABLE via handphones.

so how was this week?
it wasnt absolutely stunning. pretty sucky i have to say lah.
to start with, i have exactly 3 pimples on my right cheek, which i successfully popped because they're there, right on my face, and i cant stand staring at them.
but since i popped them, to quote Arinah, now "they're staring into EVERYONE's face" because its so OBVIOUS, its like depressing.

ive been tired, moody and bitchy almost half of the week.
because the week sucks.
to start with, the movie 'Obsessed' was really good, but fucked up your mind like really bad. like really really bad. especially if you watch it with your boyfriend.
and to think how fucked up it is, its like this guy is married to Beyonce, and he ALMOST cheated on Beyonce. I mean, HELLO! its BEYONCE. whoever cheats on Beyonce?

and then my second day, was just fucking fucked up. i mean waking up early in the morning+sucky sleep at nite+the worst 'visit of the month'+walking around campus with 5 bloody thick-ass textbooks+finding out that you got a scholarship that bonds you to the govt for SIX YEARS. yes. that basically sums up my second day.

then i also, not to forget, dented mr.boyfriend's car. only a bit, but he's NEVER letting go of this, because it happened right in front of his eyes.

see? i told you. i just tend to get into trouble, a whole lot of it.

3rd day, quality sleep. 8pm till 4am. awesome gile.
4th day, more quality sleep. 8pm till 7 am. mwahahhahahahaa! i woke up a very contented soul. :)

god, i love sleeping.

friday, boring, altho we ate at this really nice place, "Charms" at OU, which is not bad. twas fun lah. not that expensive either.
but eating at "Charms" and watching 'Jeepers Creepers' is not exactly the finest dining experience one can get.
I cannot stand 'Jeepers Creepers' lah. Very scary. my heart was still beating as if its gonna come off anytime, HALF AN HOUR LATER.

and i have touch'n'go. *dances around productively*

and today, i went to see Iona because she's sick. which she doesnt look like,when i came to see her.
we ended up doing random stuffs i.e going through her closets, talking about gays and transvestites and watching gay clips on youtube. Oh, and coming up with theories on being gays. Habib joined us for like 15 mins, through the phone, bitching about gays too. He's not bad of a bitching partner la sometimes.

and then i went to see malik, whom ive not seen for close to two months already, only for a whilw because i went to buy baju raya!

im so excited about this year's raya, and i have no idea why.
and my baju raya is SO PRETTY!!!! *beaming with happiness*

i might be doing extensive hari raya shopping tomorrow,
and ive got two quizzes next week *dies*

and and and, im not coming back next weekend *depressed mode* because i have debate tournament in campus. which pretty much sucks la, since i was forced to debate by you-know-who, with threats and all.

but but but, you are indeed welcomed to check out our WOMEN DEBATE TOURNAMENT. yes, all women, SPEAKING. and ARGUING. haih. its gonna be loud, fun and, ALL GIRLY MOMENTS. yes. im debating with arinah.

oh well *twirls around*

Signing Out,

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