Sunday, January 24, 2010

of new year, adventourous beginning and a warning to be nice to ppl

yes. the only reason as to why im here blogging is because im currently stuck in a hospital. been here the past two days, didnt tell many ppl anyway.
thought it'd be something that you dont tell ppl about.

been having an acute asthma attack in gombak, one of the series of unfortunate events due to lack of 'mommy factor'- well-prepared food, constant reminder and hawking over my lifestyles and also good dietary advices - i am what bib said born in'semi-bubble'.
never beign able to survive the cruel, tough, germ-infested world.
to quote arina, "you can survive MAX two mins in a jungle" and im even doubting that i can last that long.

of course this time around it sent panics to most people, particularly yours truly. because it is like a repeated performance of my nine-year-old-same-incident-got-admitted-to-the-hospital sort of it.

but im all good now. should be discharging by tomorrow morning. is been dreadfully boring here, with occasional small talks with nurses and my family being tied up at home with their stuffs.thankgod for once, i did not listen to arina to NOT bring the laptop. i would have CRIED out of boredom just as i was crying miserably walking around campus because i was feeling like a total shithead who cannot breathe on earth. irony, i know.

apart from this very boring experience, i like the MEDICINE thought. theyve got like super high tech drugs medicinie that i was not given access to. (mwahahahahahha!) and obviously the attentions. god good. never change. I ALWAYS love the attention. well, not really when at least 20 people go in and out of my room passing meds and whatnot.

but somehow, regardless of all that, i still think this is a good experience somehow. like a break. although most people wont put a break in this context. all day in bed, being attended to, having feeling the difficulties of being sick. i think it kinda bring back those valued that i forgotten just recently.

i stopped being nice to ppl since i get to gombak. well, i USED to be a generally very nice person (as most would describe) but i stopped bothering since i came to gombak. i stopped doing many things, and believing in many things. in simple term, the world turns very skeptical. and i dont do nice in skeptical world.

but being here, it makes me feel real good to be nice again. to strangers. if only strangers out there are as nice and as honest ans the strangers here. constant smiles, and you know they're honest enough. ti give a hand (and because theyre paid to do so) but nonetheless you know that theryre honest. i always have feeling about this kind of stuffs.

being here makes me appreciate myself and my health so much more on a higher level (although now im feeling super guilty for 3 meals of rice and MINIMUM movement apart from going to the loo and picking up my meal trays).
more importantly, this, shows me who the real friends are. the real people that truly loves me. in whatever trantrum, lackadaisical, or anooying ignorant selfish way ive behaved. (or behaves, OCCASIONALLY).

maybe its a god's signal from far above, to tell me, its a new year, new beginning, and to forgive and open up my heart again.

but, lets just hope we wont get our hearts crushed after this :)

-getting better now-


adie+cin said...

take care of urself self dear.


caffe_latte said...

I was in the hospital for about a week in Form 1, and I found it super nice, a really great break! You can watch all your late-night tvs, read in peace, not take exams....
Strangers out there aren't nice? But I found strangers the nicest people to talk to! People who I meet on my way to college and struck up a conversation with me are always really nice.
I don't see you often now, but get well soon. =]

Khadijah said...

adilah: wokeyh.dont worry. am taking care of myself. dh kuar spital dh pun :)

meiyen : i know kan?very good place to take a break. not really, strangers in my place arent so nice. so full of motives and hidden agendas. or they look like it. but glad you found yourself some really nice strangers.makes up your day. i dont see you much though these days too, but you too take care okay :)