Thursday, August 24, 2006

A warm introduce to this blog

Neways Hi and welcome to this blog...
Thanks for coming..
I actually don't know what to say here..
But...just wanna let you know..
I'm not a frequent blogger..
So...don't expect me to keep you updated like weekly...
If you dislike me or my blog or the content in my blog..
I would like to day politely.....
That you don't ever step in my blog or backstab me in your blog..
Like one said before..."It's my blog...I have the right to express things in my own view"
So..the sentence itself explains it...
And I'm not all that good in english..
So don't go crazy about gramatical errors in here..
Lastly...Do drop by often....
And luv ya'!!

Signing Out,
I Lost My Marbles!!

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