Saturday, October 14, 2006

Majlis Perpisahan Pengawas

On 17th September..our STAR prefect borad held a Majlis Perpisahan as a 'token of appreciation' to our seniors for all 'the great things' they've done all these years.
There wasn't much pics taken here also..due to the same woman inefficiency..
And I have to say..
overall..IT SUCKED!
Sorry to say this.
But it wasn't the best one for me.
But still kudos for Suz's gang and the Indian Dance.
You rocked the function.
Not fogetting Kak Hidayu and Ei Ling for great performance.
SO we started with a fashion show by the comittee board.
Ok..but they screwed up in the end..
But still..VERY GREAT!!
Ouh yeah...the theme is 'smart casual'..
Too bad no pic of me in my forst outfit..
I love that outfit..
If anyone has a pic of me in the skirt..
Mind giving it to me??

It got a lil' jumbled up somewhere in the middle..
And please..Don't get me started on the emcee-ing.
Let's just put it somewhere else.

Here's pics during the function..
This is one of the event that I would like to put somewhere I will never ever remember again.. going to details here..
If you really want some..ask me personally k?
The ever so attentive crowd..
I have to say..they're very attentive..
And if you can see..
There's Suz's sis in the pic...

This is the form 2 prefects doing performance of dikir barat..
Very cute performance I shall say...

The comittee board and seniors..
Taken after the function ended..
Too bad no pic of Pn. Norli dancing (yes..dancing)
and the open floor..

The Afternoon session's Prefects..
What more can we say??

Ei Ling and Kak Hidayu performing..
Song - Bukan Cinta Biasa (i think?)
Both have very angelic voices....

Suz and the dancing team with Kar Kei..
Babe, if you see this..
(Don't Suz looked lovely in that pic?)
Sorry..not so clear..

Pn. Norli, Zaty and Me...
Zaty Looking lovely as always...

Kak Bella..
She just have to be in this post..
Don't you just love that smile??

Zaty, Mizi, Afiq and Me...
Eveyone just looked stunningly beautiful and adorable that day...

So I guess pretty much that's all..
Now let us put that behind us..

Till then,
Would Love To Forget Bout This...

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