Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wedding At The Kampung...

So..on 20th August...the next day after Kak Diana's wedding..
I'm at Johor attending another cousin's wedding..
I's like our family are having this wedding fest..
Of all the sudden..So many weddings...
Kak Diana and her family couldn't attend this wedding because they're supposed to go to the groom's side for groom's side's 'kenduri.
It wasn't all grand and stuff here..
There's not even kompang sound....
I guess this family was keeping a super low profile on the wedding..
But I have to say this...

This is the groom..
Urm..he's my cousin..
Eventho' I'm not sure what's his name...
(Hey can't blame me..I have a VERY BIG family)

And this is the bride with...somebody?
I have no idea who's that..
But I think she's one of those neighbours of my cousin who's helping around the house..and the wedding..
No catering here..
All are home-made food...
Amazing huh?
Mommy said at kampung they still go to people's house help around with the wedding...
Some even stay up the whole night..
They are doing it as if their family members getting married.I'm so proud of them..

Pic not very good..
But since there's not much thing to talk about..
I ended up taking a pic of food..
So this is the 'daging beriani'...
They usually have in every wedding..or they'll replace it with chicken..
You eat it with nasi minyak..
But with white rice is ok too..
What's in it?
Meat..and that's all I know..

This one is ......ok I dunno the name..
But I know what's in it tho'..
There's pineapple,cucumber,chili and yopu put a lil salt to add the taste.
It's sweet and sour..And goes VERY WELL with daging beriani.

This is super random..
Since I was dead bored there..
I went to the kitchen and join my bro (in orange shirt) and my youngest cousin (the girl) named Sa'adiah..
It seems they're having 'creative moments'..
Look at the white board behind them..
I have no idea what they're drawing..

Sorry there's not much interesting pics to be posted here...

Till Then,
Super Exhausted!!

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