Thursday, December 07, 2006

Farah Najiah's Open House

P.S : Finally I have found the time and mood to blog about events that happened a month ago.

Date : 18th November 2006
Venue : Farah Najiah's Home and Malik's Home

Yeah, if any of you realised it, Farah Najiah and Farah Shamella both have their open house and akikah on the same day. And the one who have to suffer from those tiredness and the agony of lack of sleep is me. (Pardon me for the ugly pics of me and my eyebags).

So, I went to Farah's (do we need to use the full name everytime I mentioned Farah? Let's just decide this, after this, for every 'Farah' mentioned, it's Farah Najiah) sometime at 4 pm because I took a nap for an hour before that.Well, thanks to those 'caring' friends of mine like Nazzrin, Afiq and Farah who called me for like every 5 minutes asking where I am.
But to think again, if they didn't call at all, I think I won't even be there an hour later.

So, very few could come to Farah's house on that day. Everyone is like so busy during weekends especially when it's the end of Raya month.

As you may see in this picture, these are the few friends that could make it on that day.
Clockwise : Afiq, Malik, Khardani (lasallian), Fadhil (I have no idea how his name is spelt), Rasyid (MRSM Kuala Kubu Baru), Nazzrin and Me.

Yup, the only girl friend that actually came on that day.
But I am willing to do it just for Farah.

We chatted (well, precisely, Farah, Afiq and Me made most of the conversations), we ate (too bad I forgot to take the pics) and we just catch up on stuff.
P.S : Pardon me for posing in such a rude manner, I was trying to NOT block anyone's face.

We hanged out for like 1 and a half hour there, till Khardani, Fadhil and Rasyid have to go.
We took few cute pics after that. (Ok, I only took two. Farah took most of it.)

Not long after Afiq had to go too.
Since Malik's house is nearby to Farah's, we decided to go visit his newly-born brother and it's Raya, so to get duit raya. (There's so many people with newly-born brothers this year)

Here's pics of his brother and him.
The brother is so cute!! (eventho' I still could not recall what his name is)

I think the brother is 5 months or so.

And we did nothing much there tho'.
We just chatted and playe dwith his bro.
(Damn I dunno what to talk about, I guess I just wanted to post those pics in here)
Ouh well!

Signing Out,

Khadi *hugs* Farah

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