Friday, February 16, 2007


Wanna know what's putih?

This flower is putih.

Wanna know what else is putih?

These tiger cubs are putih in colour.

Now, what else is putih?
I know one thing that is putih.
Let me introduce to you.....
*drum rolls*

My cat, Putih.

Which one you might be wondering eh?
There's no white cat in any of the pic.
Well, the black cat, that's my Putih.

Why call him Putih right?
He's black fur.
Well, here's the catch.
He's called Putih because he has white spot on his tummy.
People thought we're being sarcastic by calling a black cat Putih, but we are not.
He does have white spot on his tummy.
And thus, he is called PUtih a.k.a Baby a.k.a Teh Cuk a.k.a Teh Mok.

Cannot see very clear over here,
But I'll try to get a better image of the white spot ok?

P.S : Actually, I wanted to post about Valentine, but not enough pics, so crap and talk about my cat la!

Signing Out,
Khadi Hearts Putih Very Much!
Putih Bucuk!!

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