Saturday, March 10, 2007

Valentine's Day

Ok, ok I know it's a lil too late to blog about Valentine's Day because we're like in the month of March already.
But I feel bad for not blogging about it.
After all, this is a proper valentine I've celebrated my whole life. (ok, fine. Almost proper)

So, as it was my first Valentine on my last year in school (I think?) I have decided, THIS YEAR, I'm going to celebrate Valentine no matter what.

Here are some of the pics that I took regarding to my Valentine's Day :

I got this from Izzatie.
Just cute card saying how much she was grateful to have a best friend like me and how much she enjoys having each other's company.
The best part about this card apart from a seld-made card, it also has Anuar Zain's lyrics to it!

Sha gave me this together with a chocolate bar in collaboration with Valentine's Day.
"When Love Beckons To You, Follow Him Though His Ways Are Hard and Steer"

Sha also included this together with the above.
I think she was giving me this because I'm saying I feel sad for being single on Valentine's Day.
After all, she's true.
'Think Single'.

Haziqah gave me this.
3 things she won't forget about me ...
- non stop laugh attack!
- miss possible ( I feel like Kim Possible)
- hard working maybe?

Lol, it was very very cute.
Thanks so much Haziqah!

Ok, saw these two bracelets.
The clover-ish one is for Farhana.
Her birthday was on 24th February.
And the butterfly-ish one, is for Izzatie.
Bought it for her because she LOVES butterlies so much.
I saw the bracelet, and BANG! I know it's for her!

I think this devil-ish doll is really really cute and somehow it reminds me a lot of Iona.
Gave it to her on Valentine's.
We decided this year we want to celebrate Valentine's eventhough we're both singles.
See? I told you that best girl friends are IMPORTANT.

This article or piece I shall say is very very cute.
Kindly turn your head 180 degrees to look at the pic.
I think it's quite clear.

And I'm not sure if this is clear enough.
Just send me a message or leave a message at my chat box if it's not clear.
Too lazy to type it out.

And this is my sis, my bro and Mua camwhoring.
Guess where?
Under our coffee table with my mom's tupperware of sweetS!

Anyway, it's a wrap.
I hope that in the near future, I'll have a much much more funky and fun and sweet valentine's.
A girl can dream, can't she?

P.S : Btw, Iona gave me a really cute and colourful keychain. Didn't have the chance to take the pic. Battery flat. If you want to see it, see me personally. Thanks Iona!

Signing Out,
Dream about A Perfect Valentine

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