Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tag Post

Iona tagged me. Which is a good thing in my opinion.
I needed something to de-stress myself.
Today, I was just being angry.
Don't ask why, I have no idea.
I'm just angry for no particular reason.
I think it's either because not enough sleep or because I sucked so much in my Bio and Sejarah test. (Have a strong feeling the result ain't gonna be pretty)
And I was having headache THE WHOLE DAY. So, this is a good thing to calm myself down.
Anyway, getting to the tag.

Tag 1 : write 10 unknown facts about yourself and tag the next 10 person of your choice, no tagging back

1. I tend to brag unconsciously while talking to people.

2. I will surely have something to say about EVERYTHING (even not in your face, trust me, I'll say it out loud in my heart.)

3. I have a tendency to disturb people just because that person is so into doing it. ( Love to disturb my sis while she's sleeping. Opening someone's eyelids while they're sleeping always work)

4. I don't like and do not own any teddy bear or doll. I'm scared of them. (Thanks to Chucky)

5. I don't open up to people (MOST of the TIME) . I'm a very closed book.

6. I love secrets and I like to keep them!

7. I tend to flirt unintentionally with any guy I thought I can get (for the sake of trying out, like a challenge. Testing if I can get him or not.) Evil, I know.But it's for the sake of life experience too! And that does not make me a bitch. (Ok maybe partially la!)

8. I am very manipulative. I let you think of me the way you like to think of me. (scary huh? But don't worry, most of the time, what you see is what you get)

9. I get very clingy to people. Once I am close to someone, I cannot let them go.

10. I could not hate someone no matter how much people talk bad about him/her. I have to experience it myself. But once I hate you, I'll forever hate you.

Tag 2 : Why I blog?
a - Coz everyone is doing so. So thought I might give it a try.
b- I don't know why exactly I blogged. Maybe it's for the sake of sharing thoughts with people.
c - Blog sounds fun!
d- I have nothing better to do
e - Blog is something you can talk to when no one's online.Lol!

Who I want to tag :
1- Sha
2- MeiXin (I don't know if she has a blog or not)
3- Yin Xian
4 - Anyone and everyone. I don't know la!

Signing Out,
Still Have Headache!

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