Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy April Fool's People!!

You Are 63% Tortured Genius

You are smart. Brilliant in fact. And while it's a blessing, it's also a curse.
Your head is filled with everything - grand ideas, insufferable worries, and a good deal of angst.

The quiz says I'm brilliant!

You Are a Night Person

For you, there's nothing worse than having to get up and moving early.
In fact, you probably don't hit your peak until well after the sun has set.
So if your struggling to make it on a normal schedule, realize it's not your fault.
You just weren't meant to do anything during the day!

Maybe I should get a night job after SPM? Suggestions guys?

What People Think of Your Mouth

People see you as both genuine and spontaneous.
You really love life, and it shows. You are easy to get to know.
You tend to have a wide circle of friends, and many different interests.
While many people know you, no one can exactly figure you out.

Hahaha, i'm unfigure-able!!!

Anyway, Happy April Fool!

P.S : I really REALLY need to study!

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