Thursday, May 31, 2007

!I've Been Tagged!
Suz tagged me. Kinda cute. Coz I like getting tagged. Here it goes.


1. I love myself. Durh! I totally lurve lurve myself. I can stare at myself for long long hours everyday. In fact, I have to see myself every morning to make me feel good to start my day.
2. I love
ICE CREAM. I'm an ice-cream maniac. I'll admit it. Especially ice-cream with chocolaty taste. But I'm not picky. Any flavour as long as it's ice cream.

I love books and bookstores. Don't ask me why, but I love books and bookstores. Wanna know something? Everytime I stepped into MPH, I go "Haaaiihzz..." with this happy feeling like I'm in cloud seven.

4. I love furry animals. Especially of the cats family. Tigers, lions, siberian tigers, siamese cats, anything. I love bears too.
Easy say, animals that are furry! So rraawwr!!
5. I love cute, adorable and sweet stuffs. Really, I'm addicted to all of that. You fall in any category, I'm addicted to YOU!

6. I hate to admit this, but yes, I do love my family. To the extent that I miss them if I don't see them for a day

7. I love my friends. Really, I do. Can go great lengths for them.

8. I love
being insane,and all happy apart from being slightly bubble-headed. Really, I do. It's so fun!
9. I love TALKING. I really do. I can talk to myself (monolog dalaman) all day long. I can even go on, and on, and on, and on, for the whole day.
10. I love sleeping and I love nights. No no, I love sleeping but I love waking up at night. Starry skies and moon gives the comforting feeling deep down in my heart.

5 Reason Why Do I Blog

1. I thought did this already? I blogged because everyone is.

2. No particular reason. I just love telling people something.
3. Because blogs are the new diaries. That's why they have password-protected blog.Durh!
4. Because blogs are the new and interesting way to record your life apart from invading one's life without really invading it.
5. Because I have so much free time to talk all shit and loads of craps.

I'd like to tag...
Seng Aun.

Moving on.
Today I found something so adorable.
They are really adorable.
I have two websites.
One is more famous than the other.


The cupcakes are super super adorable.
Come in packages of 4,6,9, 16, and uh, lots more.
Prices ranges from as low as RM 15 up to RM100.
You can pick the designs provided.
For further infos, please click on the 'Cuppacakes'.

Can go fucking gila about the whole designs and everything.
Surely, there's more from where it comes from.
So go check it out!


This blog is a total turn on.
I tell you, they're so so so cute you could just stare at them for long hours.
Even longer than you could stare at yourself or your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Personally, I prefer this one compare to the other.
Not so commercialized and you can even pick your own design.
As in you give the theme and they'll create a design for you.
Can have wider varieties and so personalized.
Not only that, they're located in Klang.
So easier once I can drive around.
*ehem* or have people drive me around *ahem*
Prices ranges from as low as RM20 to RM80 (i think?)
You go check the whole prices thingy and the whole flavour thingy at the link la.
Susah sangat nak explain kat sini.

Can give this one to Iona because she likes Shopaholics so much!

This one to Sha because Durh! It's Pink.
This one for Daryl since he loves numbers so much.
This one for Sarah, my sis. Don't ask me why. I think it looked PPREEETTTYY!!!

See? Cute right?
Have to get one for myself too.
But first have to think of a theme.
And *ehem* have money too *ehem*

Oh yeah, before I forgot,
Sha, this is for you.

See the girl next to Andy?
That's my cousin.
Lol, this is so random.

Oh well, people.

Hidup Cupcakes forever!!
I rasa sangat gay sebab hepi sgt! LOL!

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