Saturday, June 02, 2007


Went over to my aunt's crib at Puchong just now.
Read this cute book.
Well, I forgot what's the name, but I think it goes something like
"How to Dress The Glamorous Way"
The book was about Fashion Do's and Dont's
Gosh, it was fun!!
I felt so knwoledgeable.
I feel like Mahatma Ghandi of Fashion now.

It's good to get indulge in fashion world once in a while.
Come to think about it, I have not been pretty-fying myself for quite some time already.
Anyone would like to take me out somewhere sometime?
I'm free and available. LOL!
(I think I have not only reap the fashionistas' tips but also their materialistic and shallow minds)
No offense, fashionistas!
But seriously, I have a feeling I'm talking like someone who's very shallow now.

Anyway, main point of posting is to share fashion do's and dont's with everyone.
Maybe I could help *cough*geeks*cough* anyone to dress better!

Fashion Do - Have at least 10 pairs of heels in hand at one time.
(So much, I know, but hey! A girl can never have too many shoes - and applicable if and only if you can afford that much!)

Fashion Don't - Butt cleavage. Very disturbing and trust me, not hot.

Fashion Do - Specially dedicated to pear-shaped body, A-line skirt. Can hide the big hips of yours.Not to forget boot-cut jeans. Looks hot on everyone.

Fashion Don't - Wear too low-rise jeans. Too low that it shows. Can see your underwear or thongs? Not hot! No, seriously, Not hot. If can see what's inside, might as well go without it right?

Fashion Do - Handbag and shoe does't match. It's like the in thing now. Let your handbag speaks its story and so does your shoes. To avoid it, pick of the same colour family. (How to say that huh?)

Fashion Don't - No bra. Like they say it, they don't want to see everything. And you need the support. Trust me, you'll need it.

Fashion Do - Keep your t-shirt tight enough but not too tight. In other words, wear something that actually fits!
This pic is a fashion don't!

Fashion Don't - VPL. Visible Panty Line. Seriously,people, who wants to see what you're wearing inside. Especially if you're having wedgie. Lagi la tak nak!

Fashion Do - Less is more.Sha said, less pattern is more. Not applicable for fabrics. And oh yeah,If you have overly cute top, pair it with a simple skirt or pants. You'll look adorable!Remember, it's always simple with special. Not special with special like this one. Definitely a fashion don't!

Fashion Don't - T-shirt with captions. They're cool if they're catchy, but we don't want too much of them, REALLY! That's why we don't see celebrities with t-shirt that says " Look, I am hott!".
Because it's just a fashion dont's.

Fashion Do - Black makes you look slimmer. White highlights your features but all white makes you look slimmer too.

Fashion Don't - Socks with heels. Apa halnya? Nak pakai socks ke nak pakai heels? Decide la sayang! Socks with sneakers, heels pakai heels je la.

Fashion Do - LBD. Little Black Dress. Perfect for anything. Grab one that really fits you, and style it for any occasions. Accessorize people!!

Fashion Don't - Anything too small. Too short skirt that it rides up everytime you bend, too short t-shirt that it shows more than it should, anything too small la!

Fashion Do - Wear anything and everything that compliments your features. Stay away from those that highlights your flaw. You have chicken arms, stay away from sleeveless. You have big tummy, stay away from tight shirt. Aiyah, you should know ok.

Remember, every body is beautiful.
Your Body is A Wonderland - John Mayer.
Regardless of what shape you are, of what colour, dress right and you'll look fab!

Mahatma Ghandhi of Fashion For Tonight!

P.S : I may not be your usual fashionista but at least we could take the tips and use them to our benefits. Make sure the fashion polices are jobless!!LOL

P.P.S : Will update if I can remember anything more. I forgot already la!

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