Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm effingly bored right now.
Currently, Iona and Daryl and Afiq and Jamie and Tien Hwei and Justin and Kelvin and Sarah and..and...and..300 other STAR students are in the jungle.
Yup, they're all stuck in a jungle in Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan.

And that's why I'm bored.
No one to talk to.
Sha is no where to be seen.
I guess she's tired on Saturday with all the Youth and partying hard last night.

Maybe I have a tinsy weensy bit of regret somewhere DEEP DEEP DOWN in my heart.
C'mon, so many fun people are there.
I cannot imagine fitting 300 people in the same jungle.

But, to kill my boredom for today, this evening,
I called Iona and Daryl.
Thanks to the Yellow Man (DiGi) and uh..I don't know what Maxis use,
I can reach both of them.
Miracles of Handphones.

It seems that Iona was bored too.
Too little work it seems.
The line kinda sucks at her camp site.
We almost got cut off (is it the correct word?) in the middle of the conversation.

But Maxis was good.
I talked to Daryl-lyn for 15 mins, clear, with no interruption.
FYI, Iona is in the same tent with Jamie, Tien Hwei and Gabrielle.
See? Fun right?

But on the brighter side of it,
I am currently in the luxury of air-cond, streamyx and not forgetting comfortable bed
in my own home.
As what I have always said,
"Why pay to NOT get a proper bed, bathroom, NO ACCESS to the internet or any entertainment?"

I know, I make so much sense.
And I don't regret not going much, cause I got a new dress.
Or maybe shirt.
I'm still surfing the Net for the name.
It's cute and it's BROWN.

Imagine if I actually went?
Would I get the oh-so-lovable-shirt/dress?
So, I'm fine being ditched in the comfort and luxury of my home and the shopping mall.

Actually, I got the dress/shirt because Mom bought it for me.
Somehow, she managed to piss me off on the way to the mall.
She totally forced me out of CLIOD on Monday.
Something about "Why go? So expensive..bla..bla..bla..You can get's free..bla..bla..bla...leceh..bla..bla..bla..Dad cannot fetch you..bla..bla..bla"
By the time I'm out of the car,
I am ready to burn down something.

So, to make it up, she allowed me to buy ANYTHING.
I went crazy around the mall looking for..I have no idea what.
But still, it's fun.
Maybe I should get angry more often.
*evil thought*
It kinda sucks tho' coz I cannot find anything I like.
Till I found that thing.

(Ignore me, I'm just feeling so GAY!!)

Thus, I am totally free for next Monday.
Date with me, anyone?

And I need money.
Current financial status : RM 7.00 in my wallet.
Tell me about it.
Gonna figure out how to get MORE money.

P.S : I want MORE clothes, SHOES and handbags.I'm so superficial!

Gila Fashion Punya Orang.

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