Friday, May 18, 2007

New Form Of Luxury

Wanna know what's a luxury that we do not pay money for
And still, we could not afford it?

Today, as I was walking back from mamak with Daryl,
We had this talk about how we're going to spend our weekend.
And we have come to a verdict that both of us want to spend the weekends at home,
(Not in the same house or bed, him in his house sleeping, me in my house sleeping.Perv!)

Frankly speaking,
Sleep IS the new form of Luxury.
Especially these past few weeks.
The exams, tuition classes, etc. etc.

Where do you find time to do all of that in 24 hours?
Mom always say to me, "24 hours is just not enough right?"
Tell me about it.

It's been like forever since I actually slept for more than 4 hours.
No wonder bags under my eyes are getting more obvious.
Sure, people might say that it's how you manage your time,
But then again, how many DO manage their time?

That is if they actually have any left.
I don't even have enough time to sleep,
Let alone get indulged in my hobby of reading.
The last time I felt so vocabulary-cally rich was like 5 months ago.

If sleep is a luxury to me,
Let alone other REAL luxury available.
People says " You sleep like a pig."
I can't even have enough sleep, now to sleep like a pig.
I don't even have enough time to pig out.
Let alone sleep like a pig.

Would you pretty honeybun cupcake give me like 12 hours of your day?
So that I could get 36 hours and you get 24 hours.
I so so want that so so very much!
(YeS, I want it THAT much)
Or we should have 8 days in a week.

It's more 'ong'-er compared to 7 days.
Besides that,
To quote Sha, "The 8th day should be like the ULTIMATE break day where everyone just take a break from the world".
I totally agree with that.
It'd be so much fun!

Like for example,
Yesterday, I was so friggin pumped up to study.
I drank coffee, with the enthusiasm of staying up the whole night to study Bio.
Half an hour later,

And waking up 3 hours later.

Every friggin day, it's automated.
I'll be dead (figuratively) for 3 friggin hours.
Anytime, any day, day or night.
And automatically waking up 3 hours later.
(does that make it 3 hours or 6 hours? Hmmm...)
And caffeine not working anymore.

So, isn't sleep like the NEW for of LUXURY?
It's free and yet I could not afford it.

I envy people who has enough sleep.
Even more than people who have bigger brains than I do.

OMG, then I'd be filled with green-eyed jealousy for Polar bears that hibernate.

So anyway people,
All the best for exams (2 more days to go!)
And make sure you have enough sleep.


Khadi wants to go sleep.

P.S : No animals or computers or babies are harmed in the making of this post.

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