Thursday, May 24, 2007

What your palm reveals?

Do you fiercely guard your privacy? If your life line is thin, the answer is probably yes. This type of life line indicates that you tend to hide from the world. But it's not just because you're shy, you find you get more done when you're by yourself.

When you're off doing your own thing, you can concentrate on all the creative things you desire--and not waste your energy on mindless overexertion.

Feel a little bleak? It shows. Your head line directly points to your sadness. Granted, some of your gloomy disposition is valid--war, poverty, disease--but sometimes you find sadness in even the most positive situations. However, your ability to understand others' suffering makes you a compassionate person (that's one quality that is always appreciated).

Empathy may be your greatest quality--at least that's what your heart line seems to say. Whether it's comforting someone after a rough day or helping raise money for the homeless, you're always on call when it comes to matters of the heart.

It seems like your friends know they can count on you through it all. We just hope you're able to leave everyone else's problems from time to time. After all, everyone needs a little me-time once in a while.

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