Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recent Events.

Well, I have always wanted to blog about these two thing which I managed to procrastinate till today.
But since I have such a new-and-oh-so-lovely skin,
I finally got my mood to blog again.

First Event : Trip to The Boys' Toilet.

Yup, you heard me.
Trip to the Boys' Toilet.
19th of May 2007.
I finally completed my trip to every part of the school.
Now, I could leave the school with the sense of satisfaction.
(Ignore me, monologue-ing)

Anyway, it was a total coincidence thingy actually.
Details should remain discreet.
But Zaty, Ain, Sha, Me, Daryl and Wei Guan (if I'm not mistaken)
managed to visit both Boys' and Girls' Toilet.

It was a funny sight for me.
Sha was like giving briefing to Daryl about the boys' toilet.
About what we used to have in the middle of the toilet, the sinks, the cubicles.
But sadly, no pics taken becuase all cameras are throwing trantrum at us.

The Boys' Toilet I have to say is SO.....
Don't ask me why.
I mean, the Girls' toilet is GREEN in colour.
Boys' Toilet = Pink?
Imagine macho guy doing their stuff in a PINK CUBICLE?
Gosh, that sounds GAY.
Obviously one or another might be comfortable with PINK TOILET,
But somehow the thought of a PINK BOYS' TOILET is like SUPER DISTURBING to me.

Anyway, rest assured, blogders.
Since Iona missed the trip, we're going to have ANOTHER trip to the BOYS' TOILET.
And this time, WE'LL BRING THE CAMERA.
*evil thought*
*evil laughS*

Second Event : 'Pot Luck' at Iona's.

Well, since Iona and Sha blogged about it,
I want to do the same thing too.
If you actually go to Iona's or AiSha's blogs (which I linked both already),
You'll see them talking about Mukhsin.
Yeah, we watched that.

Even after the 3rd TIME watching it,
I could still laugh at the same exact joke they made in the movie.
Don't I just love Mukhsin?

And to people out there who has not watched it yet,
You better do so FAST!
Like how Sha and I said it,
"What would be a better way to watch Mukhsin than with your loved ones?"
Go grab your boyfriend, girlfriend, daddy, mummy, sister, brother or even your 'bubu' (I know everyone has one. Don't even try to deny it)

P.S : FYI, for anyone who has already watched Mukhsin, in STAR, there's this boy in Form 3 who look effingly similar to Mukhsin. Go check him out.

P.P.S : Sha, Daryl and Iona, we should do this more often. I'll try to get 'Cinta Pertama' from Daddy. That movie looked fun.

Before I end this post, I'll leave you with lines that I adored oh-so-much
From all three production of Yasmin Ahmad.

Sepet, Sharifah Amani / Orked - "I can stand a giraffe on my face" *puts giraffe doll on face*

Gubra, Sharifah Amani/ Orked - "Tetek berbulu!"
(OK, that might be obscene in a way, but it IS funny. NO JOKE. AiSha loves that line)

Mukhsin, I don't know what to quote from that film.
I love so much that I cannot pick one.
But one that all three of them - Aisha, Daryl and Iona like so much is...

"HAH, Dah lama dah kau kumpul lemak kau?"

In Love with Mukhsin.

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