Friday, August 24, 2007

~Bila Kita Cerita Tentang Cinta Dan Dia~

I really like this sentence.
Very cute, something I came up after posting
"Bila Kita Cerita Tentang Mukhsin".

I know (I think?) I updated this blog already today.
But as much as Mukhsin deserves a post to himself,
I believe this thing I'm going to talk about next deserves a post to itself too.

So, I was blog-surfing.
(Yes, blog-surfing, instead of studying or doing my homework. Shut up.)
And I really really want to find that comment.
The comment that Sha dropped in Yasmin Ahmad's blog.
(You know who's Yasmin Ahmad right? For ice cream's sake! I've been talking about her, MANY TIMES!).

Anyway, I was tralala-ing in her (Yasmin Ahmad's) blog,
More precisedly, her comments.
All 119 comments.
And while I was tralala-ing,
Guess what I saw?

Saw that?
Look at the link.
What do you see?
Yes, that's my link.
In Yasmin Ahmad's blog.

Credits : Iona for the screenshot teaching and the image thingy.

Well, in case if you're wondering about which post Sha was talking about,
She was talking about my very emotic post,
on how difficult it is to be a Malay.
(Scroll down a bit la. Malasnya!)

Oh what the heck!
Purpose of this post is just to say that,
I am inside Yasmin Ahmad's blog.
And you are not!

*runs around*

Signing Out,
Will blog about 'Call Me Irresponsible - Michael Buble' next.

P.S :My love survey is quite slow these days. so be patient k?

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