Friday, August 17, 2007

~ Kasi Tumpang Kejap~

Saya tumpang pics2 nih kat sini sebab saya nak save gambar2nya dalam computer lagi satu
yang sedang digunakan adik saya.
So, takyah baca post nih pun takpe.

Credits to Miss Sha for lending me to 'tumpang' my pics
in her mom's super savvy phone which is so cute
because it's orange.
Pics were taken during PJ time.
Our last PJ periods forever.
Yes, the last PJ period and teacher absent.
'Wa veli excited want to play play outside teacher don't come pulak!'

I also learned a new expression today.
in fact I love it.
"kia si lang!"


I also made Yin Chye, Keat Yeong and Jian Hong
translate ' honour among friends' in Chinese.
I think it goes something like this..
" Peng yau ..."
Shit! I forgot. I only remember Peng yau.
Later la I blog properly.

I think I'll blog about Love.
Next time.

P.S : I envy guys with nice nails.

Signing Out,
Looking Hot for a Jap guy tomorrow.

News Update :
Gambar2 telah di'delete' because I saved them inside my comp.

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