Sunday, August 19, 2007

~ I just died~

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Yes, I just died of waiting.
Wait, then how am I alive?

Oh well,
FYI people,
I am currently TRYING to download photoshop.
I know, this girl is like so outdated.
But sincerely man!
(Oooh, it's been long since I used 'sincerely')
I am never excited about the existance of photoshop.

Today is a Saturday.
And PBSM just had their Kem Seribu Satu Impian.
Being a very 'supportive' senior,
I came and checked them out,
Before chao-ing to go take a very long nap.
Supportive is supportive even for half an hour.

Anyway, today I had study group session with
'darling' Aisha and Beruang Berbulu (Fuzzy Bear) Daryl.
Now, here's the best part.
I came an hour late.
Yes, 1 whole hour (plus plus) late.
My comment is,
"I broke my own record of being fashionably late".

Well, I would blame it on the alarm clock.
Totally unreliable.
It didn't ring.
(Or it did and I sub-consciously turned it off?)
But no.
Aisha and Daryl just said,
"Sure. Sure. Blame the alarm clock."
It's really because of the alarm clock!

Later at night, I went to the Jumbara.
Don't ask me.
I have no idea what the hell was it.
But it was fun.
(I think)

I would like to credits the Juniors for such a great job.
Eventho' there's a slight flaw here and there,
But hey! Who doesn't screw up?

I shouted and screamt.
I have finally got in touch with my 'shouting self'
Which I stopped getting in touch after Form 3.
For more infos,
Check out Suzanne's blog.
When she updates.
Because all the photos are with her,
No thanks to a malfunction camera.

P.S : The Jap guy ain't that hot. I was expecting someone like Takeshi Kanena...I mean, Takeshi Kaneshiro.
But he smiled at me.
So can la!


Signing Out,
I am going to further kill myself while waiting for that thing to download.

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