Thursday, September 27, 2007

buh-or-ed (Bored)

Life. Is. So. Not. Fun. Lately.
I. Was. Waiting. For. Something. To. Happen. Last. Monday.
And. Tuesday.
And. Wednesday.
And. Thursday.

But. Nothing.
Call. Me. Impatient.
But. I. Don't. Like. Waiting.
And. I. Am. Giving. Up. Hopes. Soon.

This. Week. Is. About. To. Come. To. An. End.
It's. Friggin. Friday. Tomorrow.
And. then. I. told. Myself.
"Where. Did. The. Days. Go?"
And. I. Realised. That. Trials. Swallowed. My. Day.

I. am. trying. to. arrange. a. trip. to. the. mall.
With. anyone. Seriously.
I. missed. the. mall.
And. I. for. once. in. a. long. long. time. is. not. broke.

Oh. Well.
Random. Blogging.
Now. You. Feel. Me. When. I. Said. I'm. Bored.

Signing out,
I think guys who do not dare to make the first move got no balls!

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