Thursday, September 27, 2007

Malam ini Bulan Terang, Otakku Mereng

Praises to God.
Finally my sufferings are over and done with.
Today I finished my trial.

Now all I have to wait is for the results.
But we can worry about that later right?

Tonight I decided to take a night off.
To play the fool.
Which I did.
I was online since 8.30 pm till now.
Which is 1.03 am.
That's like 5 hours.

Yeah, and I updated twice.
Well, 3 times including this one.
Oh, yesterday is Mooncake Festival.

Obviously everyone knows about it already.
But I want to celebrate.
They say mooncakes are nice.
*hints hints*

The moon was sexy last night.
The moon was even sexier tonight.
So sexy Sarah and I took pictures of it.

Subject : The Moon.
Photographer : Siti Sarah
The Kepoh : Khadijah
Theme : Oh, Bulan Malam ini Sangat Hawt!

There's still room for improvement for our photographer.
She was quite shaky.
Fyi, I directed the photography session ok?
All the nice angles are my suggestions.
Don't you just love the moon??

Oh well!
Off to bed.
I miss it dearly.

Signing Out,
Too emo or too religious-like?

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