Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And Then There Were Aisha.....

This post was SUPPOSED to be up on the 9th of April.
But things, like many many things, (apart from laziness) got into the way.
So I never got the chance to post it up.
Not till today.
I hope you don't mind belated-birthday-post.
Because to me, late is never too late.
(And no, I don't think so I'm making a lot of sense.)

Dear fellow blog-ders,
As you all are aware, on the 9th of April 2008 is the date of Aisha's 17th rockin' birthday.
I forgotten to wish her at the strike of midnight,
Because I overslept right in front of the tv while watching some late night shows.

Seriously, I feel very old these days. I am actually turning into my mom! I slept halfway through watching tv and frankly speaking, I NEVER sleep halfway through watching tv. Certainly not when I am watching Desperate Housewives or House MD. But I did! I am old! *dramatic mode*

*intermission ends*

So Aisha,
here's a post especially for you.
A token of appreciation for everything you've done for me and for the birthday post on my birthday.

Aisha has always been a very interesting person to hangs out with.
Of course it was hard for me to hang out with her at the earlier stage of our friendship,
As she is one of those people who's not easily warmed up to people.

But as love grows (haha! mushy mushy) and as our friendship grows,
I grew very fond of her,
And now we're closer than ever!

She is the person I go to for :-
* shopping session
* entertainment news update
* sensible talk
* to *coughs*rant or whine *coughs* about my boyfriend and have someone makes me feel grateful having the boyfriend around
* if I want to have someone matured to talk to, so that I could loosen up and go woot!!~
* to have a total girl-to-girl time

And of course there's more to it that just that.

I am just basically thankful for being given the chance to meet such a wonderful, wonderful person.

I always thought of you as the scary one in Form 4.
(after I witnessed series of PMS incidents, damn! they do scare the hell out of me)

But who am I to judge you when I barely even know you then?
I always know that thinking is what you do best.
I remember the times in debate when you helped us by coming up with tonnes of mind-challenging P.O.I(s) and being able to keep your seriousness at optimum level, even though it was ever so often that Lorna, Daryl and I kept side-tracking halfway through debate.

I love you even more when you start loosen up, letting your hair down.
Hours and hours of talking about Maroon 5, CSI (both Miami and New York, and also Las Vegas),
Occasional screaming on random stuffs (woah, you can really scream. Trust me on this!),
And about how we could go on and on and on about House MD and Desperate Housewives.

I know you have a freak flag, it's just that you don't show it often.
Which is definitely good.

Till today,
I dare say among the 4 of us,
You are the most sensible and matured one.
Always kicking the sense into Iona's and my head.
Not so much to Daryl's head.

Daryl once said to me,
If it isn't because of him dating me currently,
He would date you.
Because you're different, matured and unique in your very own way.

So if anything happens and it's not meant for us (as in Daryl and I) to be together,
I would be more than glad to give him to you.
(Now Daryl sounds like some toys).

I also would have to say that I admire and envy your determination and hard work.
Giving up is never an option to you.
Remember how Add Math constantly strangles us the whole of Form 4 and half of Form 5?
I am very sure I practically gave up every single time I got my Add Math paper.

But thanks to you, (and the miracle worker *points at Daryl*)
I went on with my journey to improve in Add Math.
The Saturday study group session,
The extra classes we attended with Mr. Tan,
The Friday Add Math tuition class,
And the encouragement you constantly gave me to improve in my Add Math kept me going.

You are always the person I go to,
When I need to get away from my own life,
My own loud and crazy hyper life with Iona.

You are the perfect person to go to,
When I need a big fat kick of sense to my head
And when I need to tone down and get away from life once in a while.

I would never ever want to trade the times that we have
And the memories that we have together
Even if it means a happier much promising life with scholarship.
LOL. Kidding!
But if people want to give scholarship also I don't mind.
Saya ok je.

Thanks for :-

- the awesome time we had during Add Math study group sessions and after-class-mamak sessions

- keeping up with me and my craziness

- keeping up with Iona and I. I know we're a struggle to keep up with.

- giving Daryl and I great time in class last year.

- all the ponteng sessions and out-of-class sessions we had together

- all the great outing times we had together

- for coming into my life

And I could never thank you enough for everything.

And after all, from the bottom of my heart,
I would like to wish you happy belated birthday.

P.S : I know it is a struggle hanging out with Iona and I after we both started dating,
but do not feel out of place or anything.
Because I would so date you, provided that I am a guy and I am a Christian.
(I know you're particular about those two)
And it's ok to be single, because you're far too precious and unique to settle for anything
normal and biasa.

Tonnes of Love,

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