Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday. Day 2

Day 2.
Funny that some people actually think that the week starts with Sunday and ends with Saturday.
Seriously speaking, how many people actually think that?
Me, on the other hand, I always prefer having Monday as the first day of the week and having Sunday the last day of the week.
Because I don't like Monday, and Sunday is fun as a closing because you enjoy the relaxing day and dreading the day to end.
But I digress.
My Monday started at about 11.00 am
I got shocked when I woke up,
Almost thinking "Shit! Late for work!"
But what that got me awake was actually Mom's voice from the night before that played on my head,
"We will go to Jusco tomorrow at 10 am."
Sounds haunted right?

LOL. I crack myself up.

Anyway, as I walked to the bathroom,
I passed by exactly 2 humans
Out of 5 humans (excluding me that is),

3, still dead asleep.

It's amazing how my siblings are keeping up to my record of sleeping in till late afternoon.

Nature versus nurture?
Mom, on the other hand got tired of saying anything

Back then, it was just me sleeping in till like 3 pm

But now, it's 3 people.

Haha! Beat that!

Ok, I'm not making sense

We then head on to Aeon for some 'light' shopping,

For my hostel stuffs,

I know I don't say this often
But I love shopping with my mom.

We had a fun, decent 3 hours of roaming around the department store

Picking hangers, iron board, iron etc

And shopping for hostel stuffs,

Honestly speaking, is not fun

Because you dreaded the idea of having fun preparing yourself out of the house.

Nevertheless,this shopping trip is like shopping for my new house

Or sort of.

I totally get Iona and how she feels about not doing anything at home

I got bored so I kept on going into the kitchen and feeding myself, it's sick.
Anyway, the highlight of the day has indeed taken place later that day

I had to go to Starfly because I sort of promised the people there to have a small farewell party.

Well, we were supposed to have it yesterday night,

But remember I was stuck in Puchong visiting relatives right?

So I had to postpone it to tonight

It was indeed great.

Fast food, carbonated drinks, ice cubes from next door convenient store and surrounded by your(sort of) second family

Perfect remedy for farewell party.

Promised time : 9.30 pm
Arrival time : 9.50 pm

I had to do a small detour to Giant to get some stuffs

Which led to me being pissed with the cashier,

Who was obviously enjoying shimself tagging barcodes and counting changes,

In a friggin' FAST LANE.

Yes, fast lane

Which got me even more pissed at the cashier.

I was THIS close to shouting at the cashier to move it,

Since like, Hello, this is called the fast lane for a reason.

Nevermind. I shall stop the ranting now.

Anyway, now that I think about it,

I never really did talk much about my job and my colleagues and bosses.

Excluding the occasional rants I have

So here it goes.
This is my Fourth boss.

Yes. I have 4 bosses.

2 of whom I've never met, and two whom I met far too frequent.

Funny thing is,All the bosses are siblings,

So they all go by the surname Leong.
Which is funny to one point.

Imagine this.

Someone called and I picked up the phone.

Khadi : Hello, Starfly bookstore.

Boss : Hello, Khadijah. Ini Mr. Leong ah. *then he would go on about what he wanted to say*

Seriously. If everyone goes by the name Mr. Leong,

We would have 4 bosses with the name Mr. Leong

Simply confusing.

Anyway, sorry girls

This boss of mine is taken,

And his girlfriend goes by the name 'Joyce' or Ai Ling

Or Darling. But someone would have to knock you down hard on the head if you call her that.

Anyway, this boss is nice, pretty decent.

But I just like picking up fights with him.

Too bad, he's not on my 'Be Nice' list

Moving on,

This is the OTHER Mr. Leong
Also known as the Big Boss
Who's also fairly big in size, to go with the name.

Hey! Don't blame me.

Everyone agrees with me.

Even him.

To quote Big Boss,

"Badan saya sudah lari la."

Which was then replied by yours truly

"Sebab bos dah tak lari."

No worries.

I joke well with Big Boss,

Much better that Fourth boss.

In fact, we could go on and on and on about random nothings.

Like how he talked about the income needed daily to maintain the business,

And how it's good for me to take up Mandarin if I want to do business

And his recent trip to India.

See? Random nothings.

(But he's a seriously lame joker. Worst by far. Beat Kancil by a mile.)
This is Kak Riah
The oldest of the 4 workers of Starfly.
Soon to be married.

When? Don't know when.

She's like the big sister.

Toning us down.

Well, except for the part when we locked her in the shop with Fourth Boss last Friday

Not very calm then.

This is our Madam, Big Boss' wife.

With the latest addition to the family, Jien.

Who's also known as Batman for his capability of staying up the whole night,

And wrecking Big Boss' beauty sleep.

We strongly believe the presence of Jien has caused Big Boss to feel threaten as there's another man in the house.

Madam, on the other hand,

Is a super woman

Juggling between accounts in her husband's company, a bookstore business, and 3 kids (and her husband) and still keeping that good figure,
She has got to be something.

And something about her presence that makes customers swarm into our shop when she's in.


Like we could get double our usual income just by having Madam around.

Cool right?

This is Yoyo and MeiMei.

Yoyo in red, MeiMei, not in red.

Yoyo's the first child.

Then MeiMei, and the Jien.

I'm simply putting their picture because I think they're adorable.

With Jien is Kak Diyana.

My Partner in crime

We spent nearly half of our lives together the past 3 months,

And we did practically everything together.

From locking each other in the loo, to chasing each other around,

To watching Sepet online, and covering each other asses when we got into trouble.

She's one heck of a great girl!

Pei Pei.

Actually I only got to know her for like 4 days before I resigned.

She's the new old addition to the family.

Because she left a week after I started working there, and came back 2 weeks before I resigned.

And no, she did not quit because she dislike me.

I'm likable.

- Kak Diyana, Jien, Yoyo and Yours Truly-

- Madam Moments -

-MeiMei Moments. Big Poser-

- Starfly-ians. Problematic -

- The Leongs -

-The Leongs + 1 -

Never would I thought I would be so deeply attached to you

Nor would I think that it hurts to say goodbye

For such a long time, you certainly left a deep mark in my heart.

Signing Out,

Busy by Day, Sombre by Night

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