Sunday, August 24, 2008

Emotional Week

Been ages since I last updated this blog.
I know I have not been doing my blog any justice, nor the readers (if there's any left by now),
But I really needed the weeks off and away from you people, the blog, the past and basically everyone.

Fear not, whoever's reading this blog,
Because I am pretty fine over here.
I've got friends, awesome ones, to keep me all bubbly and hyper,
Late night sessions (and waking up late for classes the next day) to fill my days,
So I can safely say I'm pretty alright.

But I do miss home a whole lot now.
It's been almost 3 weeks since I am last home,
So been whining about how much I miss Klang and its peeps.

Moving on to why I am blogging right now,
It's simply because this one is worth blogging.

So last week was a really crazy week.
Which explained why I wanted this weekend to myself.
To sit down, re-evaluate and make up for the missing nights of homework.
But that didn't happened.
But then again, not here to talk about that.

So, this week is like super crazy I had to start with Sunday.
Ok, Arina just said I cant write that.
(Arina is this crazy girl I haven't got the chance to talk about. I'll dedicate a CRRAAZZEEEE post for her, SOMEDAY. Not gonna be anytime soon.)

We'll go with Monday.
Oh wait! She said no to writing about monday too.
So sorry peeps! Kill her. She made me not write it.

Moving on to Tuesday.

Tuesday was WILD!!
This is what happened.

So, I had this big bottle right here in Nilai.
I carried it like practically EVERYWHERE. But that particular day, I was fasting.
So you cant actually bring the bottle around. I can't resist the temptation.
So the bottle was happily sitting on the upper bunk bed (my bed) the WHOLE DAY.
Up till like 12-ish, when my dorm mate was like lying down on the floor nearby my bed,
And the bottle ROLLED OFF.
Right in front of my eyes.
1 litre of water in a big bottle.
BAM! Hit her on the cheek.
She was shivering in pain, the cheek was blue and I FREAKED OUT.
Went down to the guard, who was fucking ignorant, didnt want to send her to hospital,
After a whole lot of lies and anger,
I was in the ambulance at 1 am, on the way to Seremban Hospital.

Cut story short,
We went from Hospital Seremban, to Senawang to Nilai then lastly to Putrajaya,
Fromm 1 am till 5.30 am.
Trying to find a bloody clinic or a hospital with x-ray.
My night was well-spent re-evaluating my karma in an ambulance.
Glamorous night eh?

Then on Wednesday,
Some pompous drama about ARINA, her classmate , my classmate and a whole lot of miscommunications.
I was drained.
Drained of emotions and energy to even go over the details again.
It's more FUN speaking face-to-face.
So, DO ask me.
(I didn't really mean that.)

The continuation of the Wednesday drama.
Gila shit tiring to go over this too.
Somehow, everything got worst that day,
I fell sick, She was upset.
We were generally very upset, sad, pathetic and tired people.
Yeap. We were even cranky to lecturers.
*rolls eyes*

Friday was the peak of the drama week.
A friend whom I've never got the chance to talk about decided to leave us.
God knows if it's for good, or because he misses home
(Though I doubt he actually misses home because he's having a whole lot FUN here, hanging out in KLIA at 1 am because it's FUN??!)
Anyway,being the nice friends we were,
Arina, Safwan (I'll talk about them some other time ok?) and me, and another dude who drove us there went to send this friend off to KLIA.

Actually we went to LCCT, he got the wrong information,
We had to get to KLIA pronto.
Some betting happened in the car
(Sarah, don't tell any of our family relatives about this)
And the dude who drove us there was driving like a MANIAC.

Note to witnesses of Daryl's driving : You think Daryl's dangerous? You should see this guy! Put daryl next to this guy, Daryl's a SAFE driver. That was how dangerous he was driving.

AND a hell lot of speeding (Iona, Sha, I've got to tell you live. Remind me to)
We reached the roundabout,
And fellow friends and family,
You guys almost LOST me.

Yes. I almost died on the way to KLIA.

There were this HUGE trailer right in front of our car,
When we were taking this turn at the roundabout,
So it was our fault,
And for that one moment,
I thought,
"This is it. I'm gonna die."

But thank god (not so much tho') another car hit us from the side.
The car went up a bit, almost toppled, but didnt really toppled,
Car badly dented but no one was hurt.
So yeah, I can go around now saying,
"I ALMOST died because of a car crash."

Bla bla bla...the next thing we knew,
We saw the last sight of our dear friend,
And 3 of us were crying in the middle of the airport.

Not beautiful?
I thought so too.

Thank god it's a wrap when the clock striked midnight.
No one could take the week as well as we did.
We managed, we survived,
We LIVED to tell the story here.

Well, actually more of me telling the story and ARINA sitting next to me, fixing my grammar.
Yeap. She had to stare at the screen with me.

Oh well!!

I do miss home a whole lot now.
I miss Iona and Aisha and peeps in Klang,
I miss mamak food, I miss home, I miss my cats,
I miss basically everything.

When I'm back to Klang,
I'll update you guys with lots and lots of pics.
And when the line's less sucky.
Unlike here in Nilai.

Tonnes of hugs, love and kisses,
Screaming my head off in Nilai.

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