Friday, August 25, 2006

An Enchanting Trip To Madinah a.k.a. Medina

Ok...I did promise a few people that I'm gonna show them the pics I took there..but I was too lazy...AND BUSY....I delayed it till today.
Just a brief introduction...
Madinah is a place where the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) spent the last 13 years of his life together with his wives and friends.He was also buried there in Masjid Nabawi.Masjid Nabawi is named after Prophet.

Ok...a journey to Madinah took us 2 hrs to fly to Brunei (we took Royal Brunei Airlines) , 8 hrs to Sharjah (the stewardess-es and stewards need to switch place),2 and half hours to Jeddah (that's where the international airport is) and 5 hrs to Madinah. is certainly NOT tiring at joruney starts at 5.00 am (Malaysia time) and ends at 2.30 am (Saudi time-which is 5 hrs later than our time).So you do the math....

By the time we checked's already 3 am (if I'm not mistaken) and Subuh prayer (a very early in the morning prayer) starts at 4 .30 am.I was tired and EXCITED at the same time...finally...I reached the place where Prophet's been living his last years of life.

Ok the pics are taken outside of the Masjid one can bring any digital camera or phone with camera inside.There's actually 'baladiah' ( something like police) at every door to check every bag.Man! and's actually Arabian's holiday that my family kinda feel recluse coz' there's SO MANY ARABIANS THERE!!
Just for the fun of our tour guide told us that Arabians actually got paid to go to school.Like 300 riyal (it's equal to RM 300) per month as an allowance.Fully air-conditioned classes,books are provided.All you have to buy is just your uniforms.Cool huh?

The hotel where we stayed is not too far from Masjid Nabawi. It took like 5-10 minutes walking to reach Masjid Nabawi.And FYI, 4 am there felt like 12 pm here and the temperature there is like 37 degrees to 40 degrees celcius.
Too bad we can only stay there for 2 days.

I'll tell bout other places in other posts.

^^^^^^ Masjid Nabawi from far.As you can is very big and wide..and YOU CAN 'SESAT' THERE.Just for the fun facts...the mosque is very crowded during Friday prayers including the outside of the mosque (The white floor, saw that??)And don't worry bout the floor being dirty coz there's no cat or dog in that area (trust me...I did go looking for feline and canine there) and the floors are cleaned by the 'Cleaning Team' every 2 or 3 hrs.

This is specially dedicated to Daryl
"AHA!!!Madinah is not all desert k?You can see buildings built all around.Now who says Madinah is not a developed place??Huh?huh?huh??"

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