Monday, August 28, 2006

Tralalalala!!! Trip In Madinah

So....the next day we were all ready to go around Madinah. The trip starts at 7.oo am..7 am is like kinda late already coz 7 am there feels like 9 am.Obviously I suffered from lots of shock...all type of shock...culture name it.

First destination was Masjid Quba'. It is (or is it was??hmmm...) the first mosque built by Rasulullah and it was only made WAY BACK THEN with just dateS trees and leaves.As for the floor...EARTH!! BABY,EARTH!!!.Hehehe!!We stopped by there...nothing fancy compared to Masjid Nabawi...but you know..the feeling is still there.and outside the mosque....Street market!!!!Buy all you want at INSANE price!!Akakaka!

(oK...I looked pale in that pic...was feeling very tired...and with all those shocks...and I have cracked lips...and swollen eyes...and dry complaining!)

All the Jemaah that was under our agent (or whatever they called it) in front of Masjid Quba' can barely see the masjid.But hey...LOOK!!CUTE PEOPLE!!

Then we head to dates' farm (I think?).It was a cool place.I can eat all the dates you want..or shall we say..'test' the dates 'before buying it'.I still recalled what the tour guide said..."Nak makan sampai kenyang boleh..nak bawa balik yang free punya tak boleh". Why buy when you can eat till you're full? Some of the pics taken there...

Us and the almost-to-ripe dates

Ripe dates!!
(These dates come in one I dunno what you
called it..'tandan'??)That's a lot for one 'dahan'
*Dang, I so need to brush up my English*

Almost-to-ripe baby 2 weeks...

Next to the cat (IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRIP) my sis and bros in the shop inside the dates farm.Forgot to tell that they have a shop inside there to buy dates and nuts and chocolates (dates chocolate...not my cup of tea).

After that...we went to 'Pasar Kurma'.THEY EVEN HAVE A MARKET SPECIALLY FOR THAT!!!But no pics taken there coz me and bros and sis passed out coz we were very tired.From what I know...aLL the aunties and uncles are shopping freak that they actually took half and hour to one hour JUST TO BUY DATES.Even our driver jokingly say..."Planning to buy the whole market is it?" would be Journey To Mecca.


IdiniTE said...

OMFG you looksed to cute in the picture wit ur family in the pink dress!! u actually looked grumpy and holding ur lil bro in place as you all take the pic!! giggles!!!

Khadijah said...

Well...he doesn't know how to stay still n I was feeling tired and sick at that moment.I know...cute pink dress..Wait..I mean..not's peach...peach dress.

BzGirL said...

At last you uploaded pictures with you in it!! Seems like it's a enjoyable trip isn't babe..nice!!