Sunday, June 10, 2007


After a long wait, Sunday finally came.
No no no, I am not thrilled that tomorrow is schooling day.
Despite among every other friends of mine, I have the most passion to go to school and actually be at school extra hours compared to everyone.
Not waiting for the fact that after today, I have to take my study seriously either.
No, I mean it. Seriously.

But because today, I could visit PostSecret.
After the last visit to the blog (last week),
I was ready for more secrets.

And after visiting the blog today.
I felt satisfied after the long wait,
But still I was quite taken aback.

After all these while,
I finally realise that secrets are never good things.

As defined by,
Secrets something that is or is kept secret, hidden, or concealed
After today, it just crossed my mind that secrets are bad.
Secrets are fear well-kept.
Secrets reflect upon what we fear.
Because we fear something, we kept it in us.

Secrets are what that we keep away from the world,
We fear that our secrets will get out there.
Because we have been living up to everyone's expectations.
We are used to live the way people want us to be,
And that's why we have secrets.

Somehow, by having secrets,
Every one of us has a comforting feeling that what we fear the most will never happen
because no one will know about it.
But, as we live longer with the secret,
We get eaten bit by bit,
By the growing fear that surrounds the secret.
The fear that one day, someone will know about our secret.

Not only that secrets are fear well-kept,
It's every negative feeling well-kept.
Look back at your secrets,
Sometimes it's not all about fear.

It's also about disappointment, guilt, lies,jealousy and hypocricy.
Somehow, secrets bring out the devils in us.

So, does this means that secrets are all bad and no good?
Surely, secrets are what everyone of us have.
But what is there in secrets, apart from the assurance that no one will know what we fear the most?

"What is it that we have if we keep it to ourselves but gone once we share it?"
- MirrorMask (2005)

The answer is secrets.
Go figure!

Anyway, just here to give everyone something to ponder upon before my next post.

P.S : School's starting tomorrow and I have not finished my homework! Eeek!

Signing Out,
Enchanted by secrets.

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