Friday, June 08, 2007

~ To Be or Not To Be~

I was too free tonight.
Well, I have homework but don't feel like doing so.
I was blog-surfing.
I found this blog.
And I like the post.

Ning's Blog

Yes, neither you or I know who she is unless by any chance you're related to her, live in Miri or stay in Perth. (I think?)
My point is, I could not help but to totally agree with her post.
Was just talking about weight-obsessed women with Daryl this morning.

Frankly speaking, it does not even make sense.
Surely, women DO have the rights to complain about their weights once in a while.
But to self-obsess about it and telling the whole effing world about it is just plain wrong.

I do complain about my weight.
And I am aware that I am more on the plump side.
(Or fat, if you want me to say it)
But I am perfectly fine with it.
You don't see me blogging about my weight in here don't you?

Seriously, what do you need to complain about your weight if:
  • You weighs not more than 50 kg. Or you weighs merely 47 kg.
  • You have stick-thin figure.
  • You wear size S or XS
  • Everyone's complimenting your figure
  • You have been a runway model (at least once) or being called to model for any products.
You get me?
What IS THERE to complain about?
How much do you want to weigh?
20 kg?
Gosh, WOMEN!

If you're fat and you're only a mere 50 kg,
Then DAMN I am a giant.
Cause I totally weigh more than you.
Like way way more.

And if by telling yourself you look fat,
in the hope that people will console you and compliment about how hot your stick-thin figure and puffy lips are,
Hun, it ain't working.
That's just plain pathetic!

You're just hurting your self-esteem.
I am not.
They're not.
You are.

So please,
Grow up and stop calling yourself fat.
It will only hurt your self-esteem,
Makes others perceive you as some bimbo, shallow stick-thin female with empty head.
I mean it.

You girls who are not overweights certainly do not have the right to self-proclaim in your blog about how fat you are.
Because you're just not.

And girls out there,
Love your body.
Every body is beautiful.
Be it fat or thin.

The key is to be healthy,
Not be thin.

Signing out,
Shallow gile la minah2 yang stick-thin.

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