Tuesday, August 21, 2007

~ 10 Small Things That Makes Your Day~

It's amazing sometimes that such a small teensy weensy thing can make your day.

My top 10 things that makes my day.

  1. Watching my cats/kittens play in my yard.
  2. Looking up to the sky at night and seeing a moon surrounded by stars. Lots of them.
  3. Pulling my cat's whiskers and watch it gets angry and emo with me.
  4. Eating ice-cream while sitting down on my favourite couch, looking out to the backyard.
  5. Listening to my favourite singer's song / my current favourite song
  6. Buying something from the mall. Super elevating!
  7. Having someone smile at you the first thing in the morning when you enter school.
  8. Smelling the smell of morning coffee and croissant / aromatheraphy / something sweet and refreshing.
  9. Looking out to the cold and misty garden in the morning, while breathing the fresh air, instead of sleeping.
  10. Having someone coming up to you and have a really good talk, even when all he/she said was " How was your day?"
These are the things that would not stop you from going on with your day.
But when these things happen, you just feel like
"Hey, today is a special day. And that just made my day."
I know what made my day.
What made yours?


Moving on,
Dad just sent me an email.
About that Mukhsin guy.
Remember the movie that I am obsessed with?
Yeah, THAT movie.

Turned out to be,
That this Mukhsin is from keluarga susah.
Sad story la.
I am not going to 'story' it here.
That deserves one post just for the story.
So, next post maybe?

And to those passer-by, bloggers, blog-surfers,
Thanks for your say and comforting comments in my chatbox.
It's 'a total feel good' that there are people out there see eye-to-eye with me.
I told myself that if I don't get any comment regarding the post,
I would take the post down.
But you did leave comments.
So thanks again!

Anyway, I am feeling slightly sick today.
I think it's because I woke up late.
Surely, it's nothing unusual.
Since I am a self-professed 'nocturnal'.
But tell you one thing,
My Biology Clock has been fixed!
Now I am sleeping like how the 'old people' sleeping.
5 or 6 hours sleep.
Sleeping early and waking up early.
Oh wait!
Does this mean that I am getting old?
*runs and stare at the mirror*
"I saw a fine line rrriiggghhhtt tthheeerreee on my forehead!"

Oh well!
I know I promised a special post about love.
I am working on it.
I think I am going to conduct a survey on love,
I'm inspired by Chun Kit (a third-degree friend)
*Me - Iona - Jamie - Chun Kit.*

Will be back for more.

Signing Out,
I am obsessed with weighing scale.

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