Saturday, August 04, 2007

~ For Aisha's Sake~

Instructions : Paste the following on your blog and tag people to answer the questions below. Have them tag other people. Your tagged friends will answer the questions about you.

1. What is your friend’s name?
- Tan Aisha

2. Jock, Geek, Prom King/Queen, Loner, Friendly, Flirtatious, Promiscuous. Pick the word from the list that best describes your friend.
- Nothing describes Aisha just right. Seriously, nothing. Not even one that describes Aisha the closest. Nothing. Nada.

3. Choose 5 adjectives to describe your friend.
- Serious
- Total bitch. (Babe-in-total-control-of-herself)
- Independent
- Creepy in a very fun way
- Sarcastically funny.

4. What color do you think best associates with your friend?
- Pink. She has pink written all over her. Eventhough I hate pink, I cannot hate her.

5. In ten years time, where do you see your friend?
- In serious business, working somewhere fancy/dull, independent and she still doesn't need a guy but still comes to check out on me once in a while.You will won't you?
*takes M16 and points it to her head*

6. Describe your friend’s blogging style.
- Dark, serious yet still gives you the opportunity to laugh at the end of every post.

She said I don't have to tag people.
But, hun, since I did one for you,
It would be oh-so-nice if you could do the same for me too.

'I updated thrice today'.

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