Saturday, August 04, 2007

~ More tags~

So here’s how this one goes.

Instructions : Paste the following on your blog and tag people to answer the questions below. Have them tag other people. Your tagged friends will answer the questions about you.

1. What is your friend’s name?
- Iona Tan Vi-Czn

2. Jock, Geek, Prom King/Queen, Loner, Friendly, Flirtatious, Promiscuous. Pick the word from the list that best describes your friend.
- Promiscuously flirtatious loner who is also a friendly geek. No lah. I'm joking. Seriously man! How to pick a word from the list? Fine. Friendly. Iona is friendly.

3. Choose 5 adjectives to describe your friend.
- Hyper gila nak mati
- Comel gila nak mati
- Bising gila nak mati (in a good way)
- Random gila nak mati
-Baik gila nak mati
(all are meant in a very good and kind way)

4. What color do you think best associates with your friend?
- Green. Why? Because she loves green. Like durh!

5. In ten years time, where do you see your friend?
- Drawing anime in her own big penthouse (you like penthouse right?) and still looking for the right guy. Not forgetting the fact that she'll come and visit me often. Wouldn't she?
*takes a knife and put it at Iona's neck, ready to slit her*

6. Describe your friend’s blogging style.
- Funny, almost to the same par as KennySia's funny funny and a very random blogger. Very Random.

I tag :
Siti Sarah
Afdlin Shauki (lol!)

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