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Nuclear Energy.

~ The History Of Nuclear Energy~

Marie Curie was the first to discover radioactivity.

Marie Curie : Eh, apa tu? Nampak sangat mencurigakan. Oh itu lah dia benda yang misteri.

After a whole lot of thinking, she named the radioactive substances Polonium and Radium.
Polonium, after her country, Poland.
Radium, after her boyfriend Rady.

So, she and her team did further research on the nucleus of Radium.

Marie Curie : Ok semua. Hari ini, kita akan mengkaji kekuasaan Radium.
Saintis - saintis sekalian : Baik!

To her surprise, the Radium nucleus breaks into Radon nucleus and alpha-particles.
What was even more surprising was, the total mass of Radon nucleus and alpha-particles was not equal to the mass of Radium.
Everyone was 'shock' gila.

The question that played on their minds was,

Scientist : Where did the balance mass goes to?

50 years later,
the same question that was still playing on their minds (if they're still alive then),

Scientist : Where.... did... the.... balance.... mass..... goes.... to?

Till someone came to the rescue.
Einsten. The Cuckoo guy.

The theory of nuclear energy by Einstein :

Einstein : Saya tahu. Saya rasa kan, Mass yang selebihnya tu jadi energy.
Saintis2 : Ish. Tak adalah. Bapa Fizik kita kan kata "Energy cannot be destroyed or produced. It can only be transformed from one form to the other."
Einstein : Betul lah. Radium bercerai jadi Radon dan alpha-particle lepas tu keluarkan energy.
Saintis2 : Oh, awak nak kata bapa kita tipu la?
Einstein : Tapi memang la.
Saintis2 : Ish, kawan-kawan. Dia kata bapa kita tipu. Kita jangan kawan dia.

(And due to peer pressure, Einstein got a hairdo like the one we see in his pictures these days.)

The scientists did not believe Einstein. So they did further research.

Saintis2 : Ish, ya lah. Ada keluarkan 'energy'.
Einstein : Kan saya dah cakap. Itu lah. Tak percaya lagi. Padan muka. Told you so!
Saintis2 : Habis, bapa kita salah la selama ini? Tidak mengapa. Kita jadikan Einstein bapa baru
kita. Jadi kita ada 2 bapa!

After a lot of arguments and 'gaduh-gaduh' session,
the scientists (including Einstein) concluded that,

1 - Newton's Law of Energy cannot be produced or destroyed is only applicable for big things
big mass.
2 - Einstein's Law is right if the things involved is very small in mass or a nucleus.
3 - Newton is the Father of Classic Physic.
4 - Einstein is the Father of Quantum Physic.
5 - Radium nucleus will break off into Radon nucleus, alpha-particle and energy.
5 - Marie Curie died because of blood cancer.

- The End -

Blogger's note :
I just have to post this one up.
Now everyone got an idea of the history of nucleus energy.
(P.S : The history is 80% true and 20% imagination.)

No animals, human or radioactive nucleus was harmed in the making of the history.
What was harmed was Einstein's hairdo and Marie Curie's appearance.
She is so nerdy. That explains why she found radioactivity.
Google 'Marie Curie' and you just have to agree with me after looking at the picture.
You can have my word for it.

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