Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Raya Ambush 2007 Updates

Event : Khadi's Home
Date : 18th October 2007
Time : Noon till 6 pm (I think?)

Since SPM WAS around the corner at that time,
Dad decided on not having any open house for this year.
(But he did, at last. Sucking up to the pressure of numerous families visiting the house on different days. LOL. So much for not having open house)
But being the one of the VERY FEW Malays in STAR school that has no close Malay friends and only hanged out with other race,
I told people to pick a day to come over my house.

Funny thing about this was,
2 days before that date,
A lot of people sms-ed me confirming my 'open house' the next day.
Which is on the 17th.

The best part about this was,
I was still in Johor and I don't even know I was going to do any 'open house'.
Turned out there's some miscommunications on the visitors' side.
But it certainly did stirred panic on the hostess' side.

Credits for the food served given to yours' truly Madre (mother).
Helped by her oh-so-efficient-helpers, Sarah and me.
Food served are rendang and nasi lemak with lemang bought somewhere by Dad.

Couldn't recall who came first.
I think it's Aisha.
And all of them who came for HARI RAYA were Chineses.
Chineses to Malay House for Raya.
None of my Malay friends came.
But I know that's because they are busy far far away from Klang studying for SPM,
While this lady here was celebrating Raya like there's no next year.

Nothing beats the old-time way of taking photograph. Asking someone to take it for you.
See? I told you I am the only Malay surrounded by Chinese friends during Raya.
And these are all the people that came.
Small group. Lol.

Iona, me and Brendan.
Why this picture? Because I look oh-so-pretty-and-decent-in-it.
Like Durh!
Brendan, come back to M'sia soon. We miss you!

Two boxes of candles to 'brighten' up the house for Raya.
They matches the thing. I don't know what's it called.
Courtesy of Daryl Quay and family.
They say it's Raya present.
Please, I accept any present.
This would also include Deepavali and Christmas.
*hint hint*

Makan time. You see the small guy sitting next to Daryl?
Yeah, Anas.
I was supposed to sit there!
Others were joyfully enjoying the food.

Iona and Brendan.
Somehow, Brendan thinks that any event is not complete without a camwhored pictures.
Ride on! I agree with you.

3 Hot 'Mama's
YinXian, Aisha and Iona.
Looking attentive.

This was supposed to be the 'surprised faces'.
Yeah, they were watching 'Jangan Pandang Belakang'.
Lame movie? Welcome to the club.

Gaze upon the faces of the innocent first-time raya celebrater.

Not even ONE decent picture with him.
I think camera has problem with us.

Lovable Lads'.
Iona and Aisha

Nothing beats a good camwhore session.
Living proofs caught on act.

Signing Out,
Will I have such visits from you people in the future?

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