Sunday, December 30, 2007

So Long 2007!

I know that there's few more days before this 2007 actually ends.
But I am just posting it a few days earlier,
Because I want Iona to read it just before she leaves for her National Service.
After all, she is the one who introduced me to the world of blogging.

Amazingly, I think this year is indeed moving very fastly.
Few days ago, in the car to Aeon Bukit Tinggi,
I thought to myself,
"It's Christmas already?"

People have starting wishing me Happy New Year already.
And honestly speaking,
No matter how excited and thrilled I was somewhere in the mid of the year to finish this year,
Now that we're approaching the end of this year,
I don't really want it to end.

Clearly, this year has been an AMAZING year.
Honestly one of the best years of my life.
Beside 2002. That was one heck of a year.
And 2005 too.

I have done so much,
I have faced so much,
I have felt so much,
All that in 365 days. (ok, not quite 365 days YET).

Anyway, just here to recap what happened the whole of this year.

  • Celebrated New Year in kampung. The most decent New Year celebrated. By studying Add Math. LOL.
  • Got ditched by my class partner for 2006 because she's transferring to Muar. I got a new partner instead.
~ My Old Partner, Adilah~

~My (not-so) New Partner, Daryl~
  • Skipped a whole lot of prefects' duty.

~Prefect Busy Partying~
  • Nominated for 'The Naughtiest Prefect 2007' along with Albert and Suzanne. But obviously I am not THAT naughty, so Albert won.

  • almost Perfect Record for NOT attending Prefects' Morning Assembly.
  • Got myself a bad heart break.
  • Fell sick the least among all the years of living. LOL.
  • Skipped 'Merentas Desa'. Reason : I was needed for First Aider.

  • Skipped Sport's Day's Marching. Reason : I was needed for First Aider.

  • I got to be a first aider. For the first time ever. (a very fussy one indeed)
  • Met new friends. Because I hanged out with new people.

  • Didn't get chosen for English Debate.
  • Got chosen for Malay Debate.
  • Won Malay Debate first and second round, WITHOUT script. (Oh, we kicked their asses hard!)
  • Got second place in District Klang for Malay Debate, thanks to bias judge. Argh!
  • Got to be the only GIRL in class sitting next to a GUY. See, dare to be different. LOL
  • Broke school's rules. I brought my hand phone EVERY DAY.
  • First time counselling session ever in my schooling life.
  • Witnessed the dissection of frogs and mice. One word, gross!
  • Organized Minggu Penghayatan Islam. And I was not even the President. President went missing. (read : irresponsible)
  • Organized a great slide show together with Zaty and Kenneth about awareness towards unity. Thanks Kenneth!

~Kenneth is the one in the slightly darker PINK shirt~

  • Took part in 'Lontar Peluru'. Forth place. Good enough for me.
  • Won first place for 'Pertandingan Menjawikan Teks'.
  • Talked Daryl into taking part in the choir. (this is something worth writing. He's hard to convince ok?)
  • Got my first Valentine's Day's present. From a girl. (If he can be gay, why can't I be lesbian?) Ok. Joking. My first Valentine's Day's present from Iona, my best friend.
  • Took the biggest collections of camwhored pictures in my whole life.
  • Lost 9kgs. Woot! (Yes, I am that fat)

  • Changed my study group partners. From Afiq to Daryl and Aisha.
  • Got myself a free Add Math tutor / driver / Bank Negara, Daryl.
  • Hated Add Math, Liked Add Math for a period of time, Hating it again, more than ever.
  • Passed Add Math, once. In the many times of Add Math exams. (and that was because the questions were leaked). Yes, I am THAT stupid.
  • Slept Over at cousin's house.
  • First time invited to people's houses during Chinese New Year. Bangga gila!
  • I got MANY, MANY, MANY presents for my birthday. A LOT OF PRESENT. They love me, they really really love me.

  • Ventured into the world of make-up. Hello eyeliner!
  • Surprised sister with a sing-along Birthday song. By our very own choir team! Hello, who could beat that? I called professionals to sing for her. Gosh, she has to love me, A LOT!
  • Lost Inter-Class Debate. Not to a Form 6 team. To Timothy. Because others suck! Yeah. They suck. Sue me for all I care, they do!
  • Masuk Singing Competition. LOL. Tapi kalah.
  • Bought myself a handbag, an eyeliner, a t-shirt, and many other things, WITH MY OWN MONEY. LOL!
  • Did many, many performances ON STAGE. hahaha!! This will look so impressive on my resume. Then, again, I don't think so they care.
  • Grew my hair long enough, only to be convinced by my sister few months later that my hair will turn out great if I cut it short this time. And I did. And I regretted it, A LOT.
  • Celebrated 'Ice Cream Day'. That's one of the very important days of my life ok?
  • Went Mamak Sessions the most often, ever in my whole ENTIRE LIFE. And I kind of miss it now. Sha, we should go mamak again, someday.
  • Won 3rd place in Choir Competition. I told you, we're Professionals. MGS and Convent just got lucky. Hmmpphh!!

  • Had the most terrifying Report Card Day ever in my whole schooling years. To quote Dad, " What is good when better is expected?" when teachers convinced Dad that my marks were much better compared to before. But turned out, he also only got like 5C in SPM for Add Math. See? I got it from my Daddy. Blame it all on genetics!
  • Wrote an essay, together with YinChye. That was the best time I've had when it comes to writing essay. That guy rawks!Meow....
  • Went Shopping for Charity Week. And the best part, I was not even a part of the Charity Club or the Moral Club. Talk about penyibuk!
  • Went to school on Saturdays to replace school but turned out, we did not study at all.Total waste of my time.
  • Skipped school ONCE (or is it twice?) but once because I was REALLY sick. Like dying sort of sick but not quite dying la.
  • Got myself my very own bedroom. Also known as my study room. But I don't care. Because I got the room all to myself.

  • Stayed back every Tuesday, with Iona, and made noises in the library.
  • Got my name written in the 'Buku Kesalahan Pelajar Pusat Sumber STAR'. Reason : Bercakap. (Iona couldn't get over this. She claimed that this has brought me fame. It did not!)
  • Have many, many study group sessions followed by mamak sessions. All the time.
  • Won inter-class Choir Competition sempena Sambutan Kemerdekaan ke-50
  • Terlibat dalam komplot Soalan Trial yang bocor. Dan dengan berjayanya, score dengan baiknya. (It was really a desperate case. I didn't have time to study everything, so I have to. Furthermore, it's not like I'm using my trial result to apply for Uni. So what's the fuss?)
  • I got a boyfriend.LOL
  • We managed to smuggle Izzatie outing before SPM, more than ONCE.
  • I got a rose.
  • I spent the whole month of November, doing SPM. Sangat banyak soalan sampai saya dah tak nak tengok exam paper lagi dah.
  • I broke the record of outings per year this year. By like 10 times.

  • I managed to say goodbye to Iona before she left
  • Well-known at school and Not for a good reason.
  • Been a very bad girl at school before I finished my High school life.
  • ALMOST get caught by Pn. Noorsiah
  • Witness the Boyfriend and a friend almost get caught by police. Really hilarious story. Lazy to tell here.
  • Got called by my Prefectorial Board teacher for 'misbehaving'.
  • I got myself a job (sort of)
  • I am halfway learning how to drive.
I hate that 2007 is finishing.

*The post is due to change under certain circumstances.

Signing Out,
Best-friend-less for the next 3 months.

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