Friday, February 01, 2008

A Great Sex With A Hunk or A Great Conversation Over Tea With Average Joe?

Just got back from my first day at work.
Received sms-es from two of my favourite persons in the world, early in the morning wishing me 'Have fun At Work'.
Work was fun.
But it wasn't too at the same time.

I don't like how work feels like from my current job.
Work to me, is having full use of your time during work hours to do your work.
And not leisurely sits around the book store when there's no customers (this is not for 15 mins or so. Try 2 to 3 hours).

Don't get me wrong,
I love those hours where you don't do anything.
But here's the catch-22, I like the hours to be spent doing something else.
Because it's so hard to keep myself awake.
I like to do something, like say, reading.
Which is highly forbidden, IN a BOOK store.

I know my priorities.
And work always win over reading.
So you get me la.

I don't mind chatting too,
But I don't have people to chat with.
Colleagues are superb.
Been a great help rather than pain in the ass.
But, they've got work to do.
Unlike this noob typing right now,
These people know how the store works.

It's pretty upsetting to just sit around,
Trying your very best not to fall asleep during those out-of-peak-hours.
Bad enough I screwed up a few times today,
To be caught sleeping?
What am I trying to do?
Get myself fired on the first day of my first work?

So I ended up arranging books,
Alphabetically. Based on the authors' name.
4 racks of books.
Thank god I cannot read Chinese,
(Not that I can speak either, but I digress)
Or I would have arrange the I-don't-know-how-many-racks-of-Chinese-comics.

Tomorrow, I am not sure whether I am working or not.
That's another confusing issue.
But I shall stop complaining right now.
First day of work,
And I am already whining.

I found out few interesting facts today.
1 - One of my colleagues is related to the owner of the store. That explains why she can chat online, use MSN Messenger, works well around the store, and talk to the 4th boss like nobody's business.
2 - I got 4 bosses. Yes. Four. Don't ask me how. I can't even recognise the boss that interviewed me that day. Now to know all four?
3 - I am the youngest worker there. And they actually thought I was older. Like 20-something old.

I thought when I actually got the inspiration to blog,
And get on with it without going anywhere else,
I thought I could finally blog about something I've been wanting to blog.

But I was wrong.
So very wrong.
Because someone was chatting with me while I was typing half-way through this post,
And when I finally said I need to go,
I forgotten what I wanted to say.
Doesn't it pretty much sucks when things like this happens?


I had done 6 hours of driving lessons.
I've got 4 more hours to go before I am legalized to take the test.
But I've been thinking,
Should I take the test after 10 hours or should I go for another few more hours
Before I take the test?

I am not fully confident with my driving.
But I think I drive FAIRLY good.
So, what do you think?


"Happy Valentine's Day!"
"Where are you right now?"
"I am at the airport, waiting for my flight."
"Shit, more incoming calls."
"Moi lau jor lah, ok?"
"Not angry anymore!"
"Thanks for calling babe!"

I just told The Boyfriend last night,
That I came across our well-predicted conversation on Valentine's Day.
In someone else's blog.
(That is IF he's even going to call me at the first place.)
He laughed, and responded, "Right."

If you don't know where he's going, I am not going to tell you.
To quote The Boyfriend (he loves using this line when he's angry with what I said, he might deny it, but he didn't notice this is his favourite 'menyembur' line),
" If you don't know by now, then I guess you're not meant to know it at all."

*Menyembur; verb : Bahasa pasar untuk memarahi, cuma pada tahap yang lebih tenang tapi lebih bisa.

P.S : What does 'moi lau jor' means? Anyone knows?

Well, what can I say?
The Boyfriend is a very private guy.
I, on the other hand, has a built-in speaker.
Opposites Attract?

I also told The Boyfriend on the phone few nights ago that I don't know what to call him whenever I talk to him here.
'The Boyfriend'?
'My Boyfriend'?
' *his name*' ?
' *his name*, my boyfriend'?
But most of the time, instead of arguing with myself on which name to use to refer to him,
I ended up screwing the thought of even blogging about him.

Shit! I have now forgot what to blog about,
I should really stop talking about The Boyfriend right?
Since he IS a very private guy.


Oh oh! I found a comic book TWO comic books,
On gay relationship.

Yes! They are in the book store.
I know! What the hell are the comics doing there right?
I have no idea!

Kononnya the author (I don't know what do you call the writer of a comic? If the writer for novel is called an author, for comic?) censored all the fucking fornicating-under-the-consent-of-the-king-ing session and the kissing scenes with 'No Entry' signs,
But come on!
Signs that Barely even cover the lips that lock and the penises male genital that is butt-fornicating-under-the-consent-of-the-king-ing, aren't really called censoring.

I know, I know.
I am overly exposed with the idea of gay right?
You know who to blame this on?
*points to Daryl the closest gay guy*

Oh! And I also found TONNES ( I am exaggerating, but there ARE a lot of them!) of comics which portrays women as sex objects.
Big BOUNCY boobs, Curvaceous body, long , slender legs.
In skimpy skirts and boob-enhancing, skimpy shirts.
There are also those in exposed bikinis,
Looking sexy, and fragile,
And ready to pounce on any guy for a good sex session.
Need I go on with the list?

By now another question would pop in everyone head,
How did I know this?
Well, simple.
I was curious on what it is that boys read about.
And just proving that my guts is right all these while.

They read about women,
But all in the wrong way.
I'll talk about this further some other time.

Valentine's Day is coming in 13 more days.
I was against celebrating it,
The idea of celebrating it,
The couples that is going to celebrate it,
And any relevant connection that exists with Valentine's Day.

But today,
I saw TONNES (again, I am exaggerating) of this month's magazines,
And they're all about Valentine's Day,
Including the very-expensive-Reader's-Digest.
See? Even the smart magazine talks about Valentine's Day.

So right now,
Honestly speaking,
I am in a dilemma whether to celebrate it or not.
Will keep you updated on the decision though.


Couples should really check out this month's CLEO magazine for '30 Cheesy Ways To Celebrate Valentine's' if you run out of idea.
And if you think RM 5.60 (I am turning into this magazine frequent buyer) is 'spensive for something you're not going to read the next month and after (which i totally agree with you),
Then you can always drop by at Starfly Book Store, Sri Andalas. We're located right next to 99 Supermarket. We'll only charge you RM 0.60 for every in-house reading for every magazines. We have wide range of magazines, from fashion, to home deco, to cars, to kiddies magazines, to FengShui World (dong dong chiang!) and all are available for reading at less than RM 1.

*intermission ends*

Of all the sudden Khadi cannot stop talking about books huh?


"A Great Sex with A Hunk or A Great Conversation Over Tea With An Average Joe?"
Which is your pick?


5 weeks ago, a friend told me he's in love.
With his couple/partner/what-ever-you-want-to-call-it.
And he didn't mind about being far away from that person,
Or when that person went missing for a few weeks due to family problems.

Today, that same friend told me he dumped that far-away-person,
And hooked up with another person.
Nearer to him, And has a much stable mental condition. (and much better financial status)
But that person is old.
Say, 20 plus.
But he said, he doesn't care.

Then it stroked me.
What if enough is not enough anymore?
What is enough and how far is enough?
What if Love is no longer an 'enough-factor' to make you hold on to a relationship?

This guy declared he's in love 5 weeks ago.
And now he said he doesn't care.
Do you get me?

And I had time to think during the out-of-peak hours just now,
What does it takes to keep the relationship going?
Sometimes being loyal is never good enough.
Sometimes being in love is never good enough,
Sometimes going that extra mile is never enough,
Sometimes the care and attention is never enough.
Again, we're dealing with the idea of 'enough'.

I guess word of subjectivity for today is : 'Enough'.

I know now that I have 'The Boyfriend',
Most of my fruit thoughts (buah fikiran - funny they say it like this in BM. It doesn't even make sense) are prone to talking about love and relationship.
Not that I was not back then,
I was.
But now I have a reason to dwell on such matters.

And I just gave you a reason to think about it,
Till my next post.


Few days ago,
It crossed my mind that I not only don't know what to refer The Boyfriend as,
But I also constantly refer to the connection/agreement/contract/whatever-you-want-to-call-it between two people as 'coupling up' or 'hooking up', but when it comes to me, the term changes to 'relationship'.
I also constantly refer to statement of me and The Boyfriend being together as 'us',
For example,
"They found out about us."
"Did it occur to you about us bla bla bla.."

Why do you think this happens?
Is it because I was not comfortable about referring to what I have with The Boyfriend as 'hook up' or 'coupling up'?
Or is it because the statement of us being together sends shivers to my spine?
Or is it because the statement of us being together makes me euphoric?
Or is it because I am expecting more of what I have than what I should get?
Or is it because I am in denial?
Or maybe, just maybe, that I am very slow about admitting all these?
Or is it because, I am the very the lazy to repeat the very long line over and over again?

(I don't expect anyone to answer this part)

I think I love asking questions,
Lots of them.
Difficult, no-answer-kind of questions.

I also think that I am gifted at banging into things.
I banged the miniature tea set at work today.
I almost banged a tree the first time I learned driving.
I almost banged the wall the second time I learned driving.
I banged into my Mom's Utensil's cupboard when I was rushing this morning.

I told you so.

Signing Out,
Is My Grammar THAT terrible? Cause he said so.

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