Sunday, May 11, 2008

Darling Darling...

Lessons I learnt this week :

  • Waking up at 9.45 am does not make it possible for one to reach work by 10 am.
  • Boredom makes people sleepy
  • Evian Moisturiser Spray does not help in improving my dry skin problem
  • The result of being far too lazy for a mere 24 sit-ups a day cause one to have a 'buncit' stomach
  • Practice makes perfect. Wrapping many presents on special occasions make you really good at wrapping presents.
  • Do not postpone work, because you'll end up forgetting anyway.
  • Escapism is only a temporary solution to life's problem.
  • Anger only eats you, SLOWLY....
  • Never EVER walks in high heels while running errands. There's a big possibilities of one tripping on her own heels, and almost sprain her feet.
  • Being ignorant about my before-bed-regime caused me cracked heels and dry skin
  • Do not curse too much, karma would probably get back to you on the spot.
  • I totally most absolutely suck best at being punctual.
  • Last-minute works are not works well-done.
  • Snoopy Book is a total rip-off!
Just a random updates on life itself.
Been real hectic.
And i'll be having a big day tomorrow,
The only thing is I didn't prepare anything yet.
But, wish me luck anyway!

And YinXian and Cherylyn're returning back to their NS camp.
By the time they return,
We will only have 2 days to hang out before my turn to leave.

But I know you two had a total blast over there,
So go break a leg and take good care of yourselves.
Till we see each other next time.

Signing Out,
Nak tuntut hutang, tapi I malu la.

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