Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spirit Of Puasa + Raya

That is my kasut raya.
Yeap, bought it last Saturday with Daryl and Iona.
After a meet up with Iona, Daryl, Jamie, Weiguan + 1 (go figure!)

A breakfast meet up (in fasting month) since I screwed up the night before punya meet up since I had to go to my aunt's to break fast.
Altho' I'd have to say I'm pretty much taken aback for not being able to attend it,
But I am some sort glad I didnt because turned out to be my cousin's getting engaged next week in Kuantan and my family cant make it.
So it's some sort of a pre-engagement party thing.

Been crazy nuts since I last saw these people.
Iona = 2 weeks plus
Jamie = since she left Kampar
Weiguan = since Suzanne's birthday, which was in August
Daryl = since I left for UIA kot?

Yeap. AGES since I last met them.
And Iona, frankly speaking, tak jumpa sehari pun boleh cakap tak jumpa ages.
Sha cant make it because she has church. Wish you were there, hun, because we didnt get to catch up during facial session at Iona's the day before.
And I like your pierced ears, anda nampak sangat ladylike!

Daryl woke me up at 10 am when IONA was supposed to wake me up.
Turned out to be, the woman hasnt even wake up yet when we arrived at her crib.
Bla bla bla...
We got stranded for TWO HOURS trying to figure out where to eat when we ended up eating at Aeon Bukit Tinggi, the place I originally wanted to go shoe-shopping with Iona.

The main purpose of meeting up this time is because I have this crazy urge to meet with weiguan+1 since its a shock that I do not know about this +1 from him, but from Iona.
She's cute la wei! I like her. Bring her down more often.

We catched up on stuffs, not that much though because weiguan+1 and jamie got to leave for KL by 1 pm.
So there were just me, Iona and Daryl : shoe-shopping

Mission : to find brown heels to match my raya clothes.
Accomplishment : Mission accomplished after 2 hours of going around the mall and getting distracted every 15 minutes.

It's great to have both around and keeping up with my fussy-ness.
Cant help it! Got to find the perfect shoes for it.
Sha, you should have been there. I miss you man!

Oh well! Saje je nak boast I got a new shoes.

Signing Out,
I am so looking forward to Raya this year eventho I have finals after this hols.

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