Tuesday, October 21, 2008


To : Aisha

I am REALLY sorry about not inviting you to Subang today.
I am GENUINELY sorry about the whole thing,
And I am really feeling guilty and bad about not inviting you.

You see,
The thing is Iona was going to find a job,
In Subang,
And I needed to meet Arina in One Utama.

So I thought if I tag along with Iona,
The she could probably accompany me to One Utama.
Godknows how we want to get there,
But at least I have a company.

That was at 11pm.

And then I was texting Daryl to let him know about the whole moving house thingy,
But it seems that he ran out of credit so I had to meet him online.
And was telling him about us going to Subang.
And he was like, " Wanna come over and have a drink?"
I thought it'd be only for a while,
And we're not even sure if we're really going there.

That's like 12am.

And then somewhere in the middle of my chat with Arina,
She told me the One Utama plan is cancelled because no one can get a bloody transport.
So that cancels off the One Utama plan.

That's at 2 am.

The promised time to leave is 10 am,
Because Daryl has to go off by 2 pm,
To study it seemed (laugh now!).

But Shits happened.
I woke up at 10 am and Iona woke up at 11am.
And there's been problems with the cars and all,
We finally left at 12 pm.

And I only asked mom's permission at 10.30am.

And then we were lost in the middle of Subang,
Godknows where,
Had an hour (plus minus) walk to INTI
Because Iona doesnt want to take the cab.

And that's like 1 pm.

When we arrived,
And waited in Asia Cafe,
Before Daryl arrived,
It was 2.20 pm.

We hanged out there for a while,
Meet people here and there,
And everything before you called.

That's 3-ish pm.

By 4 pm, I was sleepy so I thought we ought to make a move.
So we were walking in front on INTI and Taylors
Where we saw TJ.
We chatted and everything,
Before we saw Shaun Shern.
And then there were Seng Aun, and Henri and godknows whoever else.

By 5 pm,
We (Iona + Khadi + TJ + Henri) were FINALLY in Subang Parade.
We were job-hunting for Iona too.
And then we had dinner,
And finally reaching home at 8.30 pm.

Point is,
It was all impromptue and trust me,
You miss NOTHING.
It was fun while it lasted,
But it'd be more fun if you were there.

And I dont know how to go on some more,
Because I think I just made it worst or some sort.

But I am truly truly sorry!
And I shall make it up to you someday ok?

Signing Out,
Now I feel like the jerks from Nilai.

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