Monday, October 20, 2008

Yesterweek, This Week and The Upcoming Weekend

Last Week :
  • I almost died due to excessive stress of the Finals.
  • I listened to music the whole 2 hours of Math Final Exam Paper; while attentively solving my equations
  • I found out about another scholarship.
  • I was all over KL in 20 hours. 'Nuff said.
  • I missed a friend and got pissed with another one.
  • I cursed a hell f***king lot.
  • I left Nilai for what I have in Klang, and sorta miss whatever I have in Nilai.
  • Managed to return back to Klang with 1 big luggage bag and that's all.
  • Managed to squeeze 2 pillows, 1 small pillow, box of books, one box of food, one box of random stuffs, a laundry basket, iron, iron board and a few other stuffs, in MY LOCKER.
  • Went for 2 nights of ALL-NIGHTER, and one night of only few hours of sleep in between the two ALL-NIGHTERS.
  • Called Iona at 3am in the morning, because it was fun to do so.
  • Broken my usual curfew and reached home late but did not get punished. PHEW!
  • Found out I'll be leaving my cats here when I move house.
Today :
  • I went to Ikano. Furniture shopping. Awesome shit!
  • Been tired and felt like dying.
  • Coming down with a stupid flu.
  • PMS-ing the whole day. WAS on killing mode.
  • Got annoyed with the whole family.
  • Went on hyper mode because I talked to someone I really genuinely miss the past few weeks
  • Found out that I am going to hang out with Iona tomorrow, at, uh...somewhere.
  • Have been procrastinating the packing for 2 days now.
The Upcoming Week:
  • Serious catching-up on the sleep
  • Hibernate
  • Control my splurging mode
  • Help mom around the house.
  • Get ready to move house
  • Saturday : Moving home. (on 25th Oct)
  • Go to Subang teman Iona ask about her job.
  • Bond with my cats
  • Get excited about moving to a new house.
  • Refurnish my OWN bedroom.
  • Hang out with Aisha.
  • Meet up with Zaty : Sunday

Signing Out,
I dont Want To Pack. Far too lazy to do so.

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