Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ordinary People - John Legend

I know that I am way off schedule with the whole 2008 recap.
I've been tied up with certain things *cough cough* that I absolutely fantabulously forgot to do so.

Time got the most of me.
University just sucked the life out of me.
Meeting friends is what I do on every weekends,
And really, I've been truly negligent towards you.

Yes yes. Where have my passion for blogging gone to?
When times like this,
Being away people wonder what I'm up to.
Probably I should make that as the new year's resolution eh?
(DAMN! I lost the touch for blogging.)

Things I've done in 2008 (not in sequence) : -
1 - Got myself a driver's license.

2 - Got myself another close friend, Weiguan. All thanks to Daryl. I'm sure if things didn't happen between us, I would have not gotten the chance to meet Weiguan.
3 - Surprised Aisha TWO WEEKS before her birthday. Don't ask why. I am still pissed till this very day. But I love doing so for you Sha! Love you tonnes hun!

4 - Got myself a new family + new job which I love.

5 - Having my loved ones visit me at work. Thanks for killing my boredom at works!

6 - DOME, despite the over-priced meals, is worth spending with people you truly truly love.
7 - Totally changed my perception on how fun the arcade is. Yes. Strong emphasis on Daytona car-racing game.
8 - Celebrated my Hari Raya with my closest friends. Best Raya so far. Being surrounded by both family and friends.
(No pictures of family. I have no idea where they are. Sorry!)

9 - Bought myself more prized possessions. Yes yes. I am materialistic.

10 - Had the best week of outings right before I entered UIA, with no optimism
11 - Managed to harass my cat, EVEN MORE.

12 - In with the new friends, but still keeping the old ones.

13 - Grow up to a point I appreciate and love my family so so much more than before.
Yes. I know I dont show it often but I love every single one of you, yes, including Bubu.
14 - Fell in love, stayed in love, got my heart broken. But I'm glad we had what we had.
15 - One word : Wondermilk

16 - Got myself a LONG list of weird friends in UIA (love them nevertheless)
17 - Got scammed into believing that a friend's leaving for hometown for good, and being nice enough to send him to KLIA and almost getting killed somewhere along the journey. Thankgod I love you that much, en. Iku. Siap boleh nangis plak tuh! Hampeh btol.
18 - Along with the list of weird friends, I also have great lecturers. Scratch that, AWESOME lecturers.
19 - Did fairly good in SPM and got awarded for that.
20 - And been missing school, BADLY ever since.

21 - Far too many nighters.

22 - Got myself a new best friend, Arina. Who I would kill for.
23 - And still have time for the old best friends.

24 - Nothing says it like old day's bitching mate. Love you tonnes babe!

25 - Had the best outing with Aisha and Iona EVER. at Iona's house.

26 - Went to Fraser's Hill and not even with family

27 - And went for a jungle-trekking there. Yes yes, gasp all you want.
28 - Spent far,far too much time in Secret Recipe. Because its the only funky place in Nilai.

29 - Got myself AWESOME dorm mates.

30 - First time with Sushi.

31 - First time with white top too.
32 - Have my very own bitching clan, the Pillow-Talkers.
33 - Drove all the way to The Curve with Farah and all.

34 - To die for : Honeycomb Gold Rush. And I had that! *grins*
35 - Got a little too excited at Paddington's Pancake House
36 - Surprised Cher on her birthday!

37 - Surprise trip from Haziqah all the way to Nilai.
38 - Been on a plane ALL BY MY SELF.

39 - Moved to a new house and HAVE MY OWN BEDROOM!

40 - Done a lot more stuffs but could not recall what they are and are even more grateful for the year I had.

Best wishes to everyone in the year 2009
May we all have a joyous, and prosperous blessed year this year.
Happy New Year!

We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go
Cuz we're ordinary people
Maybe we should take it slow
This time we'll take it slow
This time we'll take it slow
John Legend - Ordinary People.

Let's breathe in slowly to life,
Appreciate great moments,
Give love and life a second chance,
And do not be afraid to make mistakes.
Because at the end of the day, we are all ordinary people.

Lots and lots of love,
Khadi / Kady / Kdee / Kd
(really, how the name is spelt doesnt matter to me)

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